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$36.43 Transfers & Ground Transport

Transfer Service from or to the Airport of Lanzarote - Puerto Calero

Turisbeds offers you this transfer service so you can go from the airport of Lanzarote to Puerto Calero and vice versa. A driver will pick you and the rest of the passengers up, in case you book for more, and take you on a car or minibus wherever you need to go.When the transfer happens from the airport to your hotel in Puerto Calera, the driver will pick you and drop you off directly at your place to stay unless there is any impossibility, such as the hotel being at a pedestrian street, a close road, etc., in which case the driver couldn’t be accountable for getting the luggage to the hotel reception, but they will do everything in their power to help you.Even though it is far from likely, there might be a chance that your airline cancels your flight and makes you travel on another different from the one you booked. In this case scenario, and especially if this happens the same day you travel, please contact us immediately by telephone so we can be aware your new flight information. If the cancellation happens days prior, you can simply let us know via e-email: booking@vimotions.com. If you loose your flight and get to travel on the next one, please call us because otherwise we will be waiting for you when the previous plane lands. In case of a delay, there is no need for you to do a single thing; we are constantly monitoring the flights and your driver will be at the airport at your time of arrival, whatever it is.When the transfer happens from your hotel in Puerto Calero to the airport, the pick-up will be by default 3 hours before the departure of your flight.It is rather important that all passengers show up with their luggage at reception at the agreed time. It may be nicer to wait in the gardens or at the pool, but some hotels are too big and complicated, so finding you could be difficult. As an additional courtesy, may we ask you to wait as close as possible to the main gate. This way, everything will flow easier.Your driver will pick you up at the indicated location (Airport or Puerto Calero) and take you to the car.You will travel by car or minibus depending on the number of passengers you book for.We guarantee a punctual and responsible service.

$103.91 Water Sports

3-Hour Scuba Diving Baptism in Puerto Calero

Scuba diving is a sport consisting in contemplating sea nature blended with the feeling of being able to breath under the water surface. The scuba diving ‘baptism’ refers to your first diving experience, so this activity will allow to be in touch with sea life under the supervision of Liquid Planet’s professional and utmost qualified experts. This activity is divided into 3 different but related parts. Firstly, you will learn basic theory about diving and the euipment required. Secondly, you will practise in a confined area, e.g. a swimming pool. Here you will learn how to respond to certain situations: equalizing your ears, emptying your mask and regulator, etc. Thirdly, you will scuba dive into the sea in a safe and still area in Puerto Calero. You will be supervised and helped by the experts of Liquid Planet. They will give you the best piece of advice, so you will enjoy this fascinating and relaxing experience. This wonderful activity offered by Liquid Planet diving centre will take place in Puerto Calero from Monday to Saturday at two possible starting times: 9:00 and 14:30. The duration of the activity will be 3 hours in total. You will scuba dive into the waters of Puerto Calero where you can give a gaze at the sea world as you are immersed up to 12 mts depth. You do not need to have any kind experience in diving. This activity is developed in groups of 4 people maximum per instructor. So you can count on having personalised guidance.

$68.12 Day Trips & Excursions

Volcanoes & BBQ

From the Highest Volcano of Lanzarote to a tasty BBQ. Ending in the nice area of La Marina in Puerto Calero. These are some of the ingredients of this beautiful trip.We start visiting “The National Park of Timanfaya”, home of 136 volcanoes which erupted between 1730 and 1736 and a smaller eruption in 1824. Experience the impressive geothermal demonstrations, showing us the heat, the force and the power of the active volcano directly beneath our feet.Following the amazing Route of the Volcanoes we leave the park and continue to one of the largest ranches on the island, where we enjoy a tasty barbeque of selected meats and children favourites with a free flow of sangria and soft drinks for kids.Children will be able to explore the special “Fort Apache” play area while the adults enjoy a relaxing drink on the terrace with the best views to the sea. We end our tour in the exclusive area of “The Marina” of Puerto Calero where you can stroll alongside the luxury yachts and have some cool drinks or ice-cream in one of the many bars and restaurants along the seafront.

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