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About 700 people live on the island, virtually all in the village of Caleta de Sebo, where the Órzola boat docks at the attractive harbour. Behind it stretches 27.5 sq km of largely barren scrubland, interrupted by five minor volcanic peaks stretching from north to south. About a 30-minute walk southwest of Caleta del Sebo is delightful little Playa Francesa. There’s also the lovely long sandy beach of Playa de las Conchas, and Playa Lambra, another sandy stretch, on the northern end of the island. The beaches in the south tend to have calmer waters; swimming at Playa de las Conchas is not advisable.

On a windy day Caleta de Sebo can seem like a cross between a bare Moroccan village and a sand-swept Wild West outpost. This place is worlds away from the tourist mainstream. There are no sealed roads and the main form of transport seems to be battered old Land Rovers.

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