Best hotels and hostels in Sierra Leone

  • Lodging in Outamba-Kilimi National Park

    White House

    The incongruous White House, built to resemble that well-known building in Washington, DC, has pleasant air-conditioned rooms and a 24-hour bar.

  • Lodging in Outamba-Kilimi National Park

    Safari Village

    Simple thatch huts with mosquito nets are set right next to the river and there's a kitchen for self-catering or meals available on request.

  • Lodging in Freetown Peninsula

    Tribe Wanted

    Community and sustainable tourism gurus Tribe Wanted have pulled out of their project in Sierra Leone, but when we visited the locals said they were keen to keep the guesthouse running. If they are successful, guests will stay in tents, hip beach bungalows, or smooth clay honey-domes that look as if they were created in a pottery class, and eat their meals at the open-air beach chop house.