Sierra Leone

Sierra Leonean Leone

English, Krio, Mende, Temne.


Top ChoiceItalian in Freetown Peninsula


Half an hour from Freetown is Sierra Leone foodie institution Franco's, sprawled on Sussex Beach (beside the lagoon). Run by an Italian–/Sierra Leonean couple, this place specialises in seafood and pasta, and is...

Top ChoiceRestaurant in Freetown


This charming little cafe is an oasis indeed. Set in a garden off Murray Town Rd, it feels hundreds of miles away from the chaos of Freetown. Though it's famous for its smoothies, the food here is also excellent...

Seafood in Freetown

Mamba Point Lagoonda

Mamba Point is one of Freetown's most popular (and expensive) restaurants. Come for dinner in the chic dining room, or just to sink a few cocktails and smoke on a shisha pipe on the expansive terrace, which has...

Pizza in Freetown


Decked out in Neopolitan colours, this airy space serves the most authentic pizza you'll find in Sierra Leone. There's also a deli stocked with a healthy amount of olive oils, cured meats cheeses, Italian wines...

African in Freetown

Senegalese Restaurant

Ignore the no-frills interior – this tiny gem serves up delicious West African meals and cold beers. The yassa chicken (or fish) is excellent and it even does a nice line in Senegalese deserts.

Caribbean in Freetown

Caribbean Fusion Restaurant

Krio goes back to its roots at this no-frills Caribbean joint. Written up on the chalkboard outside you'll find a choice of two or three mains a day (perhaps fish curry, jerk chicken or jollof rice), as well as a...

African in Freetown


Eternally popular Bliss offers an eclectic menu (curry, Thai, Sierra Leonean, lasagne...) in a peaceful garden setting just off busy Wilkinson Rd. A hit with the lunchtime crowd, it really gets going in the...

African in Freetown


Authentic Sierra Leonean dishes such as black-eyed beans with plantain, palm-oil stew, fufu (fermented cassava, cooked and puréed) and sour-sour are on the menu here, served by super-friendly staff in either the...

African in Freetown

D's Bazaar

Both the name and the food beat the decor at this local plasas spot. The menu changes daily, according to what's on hand, but you can expect to fill up with sour-sour, cassava leaves or simple rice and fish for...

Cafe in Freetown


Frozen yoghurt fans (or fans of lime green and purple colour schemes) will be very happy here. Sugar-laden waffle fans won't do too badly either. For those wanting to settle into a comfy armchair for a coffee and...

International in Freetown

Crown Bakery

This cool, air-conditioned space provides welcome respite from the hectic streets of central Freetown. Popular with local office workers, expat and otherwise, it serves up tasty grills, pasta, pizzas, burgers and...

International in River No 2

Sankofa Complex

At the relaxed restaurant in the Sankofa Complex you can eat under thatch or on bright-red tables set out on the sand. Food includes lobster, shrimp, barracuda. It's Le20,000 to hire a table and chairs,...

African in Freetown

Salgus Restaurant

A good place for a filling breakfast or to mingle with the lunchtime office crowd. Grills, sandwiches and jollof rice (rice and vegetables with meat or fish) are on the menu here, and there's a terrace...

International in Makeni

Club House

Popular with the expat crowd, the place to come for burgers, grills, pizzas and breakfast, or just to drink a cool beer in the courtyard. It's all for a good cause too – profits go towards Street Child Sierra Leone.

Chinese in Freetown

Asia Restaurant

You can eat at plastic tables on the casual patio, or in the rather more glamorous upstairs dining room. Either way, you'll get a view over Lumley Beach as you chomp down on hearty servings of quality Chinese food.

American in Freetown

Crown Xpress

You could be anywhere in the world inside this stylish spot. A mostly expat crowd come for the delicious brunches, burgers and coffee, and there's free wi-fi if you want to while away the hours on your laptop.

Cafe in River No 2

Africa Point

Just across the river from the Sankofa Complex, Africa Point's wooden tables and sunloungers make a worthwhile alternative for lunch – with fresh fish and cold beer on the menu.

Lebanese in Freetown

Basha Bakery

Tasty grilled chicken and Lebanese fast food are the name of the game at this cafe and bakery, which also does top notch cakes and Middle Eastern sweets.

African in Freetown

Balmaya Restaurant

This is a friendly spot with a lovely terrace overlooking the street. Simple dishes of chicken, fish and rice are served with charm, if not speed.

International in Makeni

De Rock's

An air-conditioned space above Adnams Supermarket, this restaurant serves grilled meat, burgers, pizza and pasta.