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The town spreads out for 4km along the main road, ul Główna, and is divided into two sections, Szczawnica Niżna (Szczawnica Lower) to the west and Szczawnica Wyżna (Szczawnica Upper) to the east, with the bus station more or less in between. Most of the tourist and spa facilities are in the upper section, which also boasts most of the fine old timber houses.

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Dunajec River Gorge and Niedzica Castle from Krakow

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Cracow Tours, Krakow, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandSituated by the Vistula river, Krakow is the cradle of Polish culture anda characteristic urban phenomenon. It is the former capital of Poland, the place of coronation and later the burial ground of almost all Polish monarchs. For a long time it has been attracting scholars with the oldest university in the country, artists with the cultural climate and pilgrims with the sanctuaries and holy relics. Since the beginning, Kraków has also been enticing tourists with its atmosphere, monuments, and recently also the memory of Pope John Paul II.The legendary founder of the city was Prince Krak, the vanquisher of the Wawel Dragon (the effigy of the beast stands at the foot of Wawel Hill). Remnants of the oldest history of the city have been preserved in two mounds dating from the 7th century called the Wanda and Krak mounds. The first historical information about Krakow is contained in a 10th-century note of Ibrahim ibn Jakub. In the book of Muhammad al-Idrisi (dating from the 12th century) Krakow is described as a “beautiful and large city with many houses, residents, markets, vineyards and gardens.” At the beginning of the 12th century Gallus Anonymous depictedKrakow as a thriving metropolis and wrote in his Chronicles: “Krakow, the capital city, excels all Polish cities.” Krakow was founded according to the Magdeburg law (by Bolesław V the Chaste) on the 5 June 1257. district) was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural HeritageSites in 1978 as the first of its kind.It is important for the residents of Krakow to cultivate their traditions such as the annual nativity crib contest or the Lajkonik wandering in the octave of theCorpus Christi (June) from Zwierzyniec to the Main Market Square.Among the many eminent people connected to Krakow are the Pope John Paul II; the Nobel Prize poets Czesław Miłosz and Wislawa Szymborska; the founder of the avant-garde theatre Cricot-2, Tadeusz Kantor; the playwright Stanisław Mrozek; Stanislaw Lem – the legend of Polish fantasy writing; Stanislaw Wyspianski – a painter, poet, playwright, designer and the author of works such as the stained glass decorating the Franciscan Church; and Dr. Feliks “Manggha” Jasinski– the benefactor of the Japanese collection displayed currently in the Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology funded by Andrzej Wajda. Stop At: Niedzica Castle (Zamek w Niedzicy), Niedzica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandThe Niedzica Castle was built between the years 1320 and 1326 by an Hungarian person known as the Kokos of Brezovica. For several years this castle was used as the border between Hungary and Poland. Along the history this castle had many owners principally aristocrat families.The Niedzica Castle was built on a hill 300 meters upstream from the Dunajec River. The Niedzica Castle is considered as one of the most beautiful castles in all Poland.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Dunajec Gorge, Southern PolandDunajec Gorge is also one of the best-known tourist attractions in the Pieniny Mountains. Wooden raft trips have been organized daily by Pieniny Gorals since the early 19th century — when their customers consisted mostly of guests of nearby Niedzica and Czorsztyn castles. The trip begins in the village of Sromowce Wyzne-Katy, and ends in the resort town of Szczawnica, 18 km downstream. It takes about 2–3 hours. The second leg of the tour is only 5 km long. It begins in Szczawnica and ends in the town of Kroscienko nad Dunajcem. The Gorge makes 7 loops in its length. The surrounding rock reaches 300 m in height almost all the way through.Duration: 3 hours

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Rafting the Dunajec River Gorge in Southern Poland, private tour from Krakow

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Dunajec Gorge, Southern PolandThe Dunajec raft ride through the Pieniny Gaps is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Poland. We can assure you that this time will be full of excitement. You will be impressed by the views of mountain peaks, the vertical rocky slopes and the river, which takes unexpected turns. This will be a lasting sensation and will leave you with amazing memories.The Dunajec raft ride is by no means the only attraction. There are many interesting mountain trails on both sides of the Dunajec River, where you can admire the Pieniny Mountains with the beautifully built castles, Czorsztyn and Niedzica. The town of Szczawnica, well known for its mineral water springs, is also worth a visit.Pass By: Pieniny Mountains National Park, Szczawnica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern Poland.Pass By: Poland Active - Day Tours, Krakow, Lesser Poland Province, Southern Poland.

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ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Pieniny Mountains National Park, Szczawnica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandThis is a tiny but exceptionally beutiful national park protecting Pieniny mountains.Duration: 8 hours

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There are two options: you can use traditional oldfashioned raft, where you are only a passanger and you can concentrate on just admiring views or you can actively take part in rafting while sitting in a pontoon with an oar in your hand paddling and getting all wet.To make your day even more active we plan first to drive to Szczawnica, one of the most popular mountain spas. From there we will bike along Pieniny Road, up Dunajec River, crossing on the way Slovakian border and visiting Red Monastery (Červený Kláštor ). Finally we will reach the place where the boats wait, we will leave the bikes and get back to Szczawnica on the boats. You choose which option of raft you prefer.Duration of the trip 12 hoursDistance for biking 12 kmDuration of the biking App. 2 hoursDistance for rafting 12 kmDuration of the rafting App. 2 hours

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Rafting in Dunajec River Gorge & Niedzica Castle, private tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Niedzica Castle (Zamek w Niedzicy), Niedzica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandA medieval fortress seated by the lake.Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Splyw Dunajcem, Niedzica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandThe famous raft on the Dunajec river.Duration: 3 hoursPass By: Pieniny Mountains National Park, Szczawnica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandPieniny National Park is the oldest national park in Poland.

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Dunajec River Rafting Tour from Krakow with Private Transfers

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: St. Michael Archangel's Church in Debno, Debno, Western Pomerania Province, Western PolandA Gothic, wooden church located in the village of Dębno from the fifteenth-century.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Niedzica Castle (Zamek w Niedzicy), Niedzica, Lesser Poland Province, Southern PolandAlso known as Dunajec Castle. Built between the years 1320 and 1326 by Kokos of Brezovica on the site of an ancient stronghold surrounded by the Pieniny mountains.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Rafting - marina rafters Sromowce Wyżne - AnglesWhile sitting on a special raft you can appreciate the beauty of the Pieniny National Park. The river rafting tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Duration: 2 hours