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The Pieniny consists of three separate ranges divided by the Dunajec River, the whole chain stretching east–west for about 35km. The highest and most popular is the central range topped by Mt Trzy Korony (Three Crowns; 981m), overlooking the Dunajec Gorge. Almost all of this area is now the Pieniny National Park (Pieniński Park Narodowy), whose headquarters is at Krościenko. To the east, behind the Dunajec River and south of Szczawnica, lies the Małe Pieniny (Small Pieniny), while to the west extends the Pieniny Spiskie. The latter outcrop, south of Czorsztyn Lake and including Niedzica, is the lowest and least spectacular, though the region around it, known as the Spisz, has an interesting blend of Polish and Slovakian cultures.

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