Entertainment in Peru

  • Top ChoiceEntertainment in Huancayo

    La Cabaña

    Contemplate this: a man collects wondrous and miraculous things, from old fruit machines to antiquated aguardiente-making equipment throughout his life and then arranges them around a lively, cozy restaurant that makes delicious pisco sours (if you're feeling hot) or calientitos (if you're feeling cold). Heart-warming and belly-warming. Informal courtyard seating, plus weekly live music, normally at weekends.

  • Top ChoiceEntertainment in Cuzco


    The most consistently popular nightspot in town, Ukuku’s plays a winning combination of crowd-pleasers – Latin and Western rock, reggae, reggaetón, salsa and hip-hop – and often hosts live bands. Usually full to bursting after midnight with as many Peruvians as foreign tourists, it’s good, sweaty, dance-a-thon fun. Happy hour is 8pm to 10:30pm.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Microteatro Lima

    The theater is anything but dry or about high society, at least as far as this tiny space is concerned. A rotating roster of directors and actors changes weekly, offering up plays of just 15 minutes, performed in a 15-sq-meter room in front of 15 audience members. A lively bar makes this a great and unique outing. Plays are in Spanish.

  • Entertainment in Huancayo

    Restaurant Peña Turistico Wanka Wanka

    This peńa (bar or club featuring live folkloric music) in El Tambo attracts local bands such as Kjantu and has good cumbia and folk music. The food and drinks are pricy though. Take a taxi here (S3).

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Sargento Pimienta

    A reliable spot in Barranco with a name that means ‘Sergeant Pepper.’ The barnlike club hosts various theme nights and occasional live bands.

  • Entertainment in Puerto Maldonado

    El Huayruro

    The best place for live music and dancing, away out of the city. Brazilian music is favored.

  • Entertainment in Trujillo


    Overlooking pleasant Parque California, this welcoming modern place is billed as a gastrobar, but while the food is pretty good, it's more of an upmarket bar/disco hybrid. Get there early to grab one of the tables on the mezzanine, overlooking the stage where live bands belt out varied Latin music. It's a good one-stop destination: you can eat, drink and dance here with a fun-loving, mostly local crowd.

  • Entertainment in Arequipa


    This clean-cut gourmet burger bar has one thing in common with the namesake festival: live music (mostly jazz, rock and funk), played here most evenings from 9pm. It's loud enough to drown out conversations, the tinkle of craft-beer bottles and the lip-smacking of burgers, which include ample vegetarian options.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Jazz Zone

    A variety of jazz, folk, cumbia (Colombian salsa-like dance and musical style), flamenco, comedy and other acts at this intimate, well-recommended club on the eastern side of Miraflores.

  • Entertainment in Arequipa

    Café Art Montréal

    This intimate little bar with live bands playing (Thursday to Saturday) on a stage at the back would be equally at home as a bohemian student hangout on Paris’ Left Bank.

  • Entertainment in Huancayo


    Local bands perform at this long-serving bar-restaurant most nights from 9pm. Expect John Lennon posters, Pink Floyd on the stereo, and burgers and pizzas to chow down on.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Centro Cultural de España

    A full range of offerings, including a roomy 1st-floor gallery that puts on some of Lima’s most intriguing contemporary-art exhibits. Also has a library (closes 7pm).

  • Entertainment in Iquitos

    Complejo CNI

    Well-known local group Illusion play here at Iquitos’ best disco, where hundreds and hundreds of iquiteǹos end up dancing on a weekend evening.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    La Noche

    This well-known tri-level bar is the spot to see rock, punk and Latin music acts in Lima, though drinks could be better.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Cocodrilo Verde

    With great bands that range from popular music to jazz and bossa nova, this hip lounge is good for a night out. Minimum tab S25.

  • Entertainment in Ayacucho

    Centro Cultural

    Students and hipsters flock here for regular open-air performances (music, comedy, the works) in the courtyard.

  • Entertainment in Lima

    Teatro Británico

    This theater hosts a variety of worthwhile productions, including plays in English.

  • Entertainment in Trujillo

    Restaurante Turístico Canana

    Although it's billed as a restaurant and does indeed serve good Peruvian food, this place is really a lively peña (Andean-themed) bar and only opens Friday and Saturday, when locals come in droves to dance to typical Andean music played by a band. It gets busy from around 11pm. If you want to fit in, better start drinking now.