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A short distance inland the coastal mountains of the Prince Alexander Mountains separate the Sepik Basin from the narrow band of flat land and headland peninsula on which Wewak is built.

Wewak itself is a rather disjointed place, with most services concentrated in the tiny Town and the rest spread along the coast, en route to the airport. While most people pause only long enough to arrange their Sepik expedition and stock up on provisions, it does have its charms.

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Private Tour: Middle Sepik Day Trip

07:00 Meet up with our guide in your hotel lobby in Wewak and board our private vehicle for the two hour drive to Kanduanam Road-Head on the Middle Sepik. 09:00 At Kanduanam, board our waiting motor canoe and head down river to the confluence of the Sepik and Yuat Rivers. Most tourists don’t venture up the smaller tributaries like the Yuat River but here you get to see a quieter side of the Sepik Basin, off the “main drag”. Half an hour up the picturesque Yuat River – now moving at a slower pace motoring upstream against the flow of the river current – brings you to beautiful Kundima village, on a bend in the river with a large sand bar where locals gather at low tide to socialise, play sand games and scratch games of soccer, rugby and volleyball. Take a walking tour through the village, see what each household is up to and what they are cooking for lunch. This will be a totally candid cultural experience – there is no mobile phone coverage here and nobody knows you are coming, nothing is prepared or staged. 12:00 Your guide will arrange local style food for lunch which could be anything from smoked fish to sago grub stew to coconut and banana sago pudding, sago pancakes, a tropical fruit platter or just the plain old village "staple": canned fish with coconut rice. You are also welcome to bring a packed lunch from your hotel. 13:00 Depart Kundima 1 hour up the main Sepik to Tambanum, one of the largest villages on the Sepik River which has several clan spirit houses and many homes displaying carvings and woven goods available for sale.   Spend two hours here wandering through the village (local people will come out of their houses and greet you), inspecting the handicrafts for sale and the clan spirit houses. Some of the spirit houses feature a carved “orator’s stool” where the clan leader may sit when addressing the men. Much of the village is built on a riverside sandbank so the walking is mainly on firm sandy ground with no mud. 16:00 Motor back downstream to Kanduanam road-head 17:00 Board our car or bus which has waited all day for you (in case of emergency) and commence the two hour drive back to Wewak. 19:00 Arrive back at your hotel in time for dinner. (If you’re going to be late we’ll call ahead and ask them to keep some dinner for you).Life jackets and umbrellas are provided but wear long sleeves and a brimmed hat to protect your arms, face and ears from sun-burn while riding in the open canoe, and bring sun screen to cover any exposed skin. Tropical-strength mosquito repellent is also recommended although you won't encounter many mosquitoes in the day time.Unfortunately western-style toilets are not available during this day trip but a clean village-style outhouse (sit-down long drop) is available for visitors at Kundima and Tambanum (your guide carries a toilet roll) and it is acceptable to "go behind a bush" in designated areas - your guide will advise.

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Sepik River Crocodile Festival - 8 Days

Day 1 August 2: Today as you land from Port Moresby into the Wewak airport, you will be met and greeted before being transferred to your hotel for the evening. Tonight your guide who will brief you for the Sepik River journey commencing in the morning.Day 2 August 3: This morning after breakfast, you will go in a private car to Pagwi, which is about a 5-6 hours drive from Wewak. Lunch will be enjoyed as you drive to Pagwi. Arriving in Pagwi, you will jump in a canoe and head to Kaminabit. Once you arrive in Kaminabit you will be transferred to your guest house to check-in and stay overnight.Day 3 August 4: This morning once you have enjoyed breakfast, you will leave from Kaminabit to Kanigara, about four hours by boat. We will journey though Blackwaters today, the ride is prime time to appreciate the mighty Sepik and observe life on the banks of it. Arriving in Kanigara today you will be transferred to your guesthouse to check-in. This afternoon, you will have an awesome chance to meet with the local villagers and do a small village tour. Day 4 August 5: Today, the festival begins! This morning you will wake up quite early as the skin cutting typically begins around 7 a.m. Before the skin cutting, you will experience a traditional Sing Sing between 5am and 6am. Once the boys have completed the skin cutting, they are taken to a spirit house where the elders perform traditional rituals with them including dress them and give them a special gift such as a stick or spear. Once the spirit house rituals are completed, the boys are taken out into the community to be seen. There are more festivities going on during this time, including more dancing and gift giving.Day 5 August 6: Around 6am this morning, you will leave the guesthouse and head for Ambunti Village. Today you can expect more festivities as the entire day is dedicated to the show. Tonight you will overnight at Kaminabit.Day 6 August 7: This morning you can enjoy an early bird-watching tour around 5:30 am for about an hour. This area, in particular, is very well-known for its lush forests and many species of bird within it. After the tour, you will make your way back to the guesthouse for breakfast before going back to the festival for the rest of the day and evening. Tonight you will stay at Ambunti Guest House.Day 7 August 8: This morning, early after breakfast, our journey back to Wewak begins. You will make your way from Ambunti back to Pagwi where you will be transferred back to Wewak in a car waiting for you. Once we arrive in Wewak, we will enjoy a late lunch together and check-in to our hotel and rest.Day 8 August 9: Our last day together, after breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight out. End of services.

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