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One of the most accessible and picturesque bays in the region is Sewa Bay, a 45-minute boat ride (K35) from East Cape. During WWII the Allies based warships here among seven tiny islands in the harbour. The beautiful Goldie’s bird of paradise is endemic to the island and can be seen at the Buyeti display site (a three-hour walk from Sibonai), but you’ll need a guide to show you where it’s located. Snorkelling around the tiny islands of Emanalo, Autoyou and Touwe is particularly rewarding because of the extremely high biodiversity found in these waters. There is a guesthouse at Bunama village that provides dinghies and canoe trips to the reefs that surround the village. Out of Alotau, the guide Fred Francisco arranges excursions to Sewa Bay, with hikes to rock-carving sites, birdwatching and snorkelling. He can also be contacted through Gillian at Bayviews Apartments in Alotau.

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