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The second, smaller haus tambaran nearby is smoky, covered with long sago leaves and home to a splendid cassowary costume used in ceremonial dances. A female figure with her legs spread welcomes you in; she symbolises rebirth and all men are considered 'reborn' when they exit the spirit house, as they're supposed to leave all negative emotions behind. You'll find carvings and masks for sale in both haus tambarans.

Launched in 2014, the Sepik River Festival takes place in Kanganaman in August, with singsing groups from seven different villages. As it was a resounding success, it's due to become an annual feature.

The guesthouse in Kanganaman is very basic: without running water but with light in the evening courtesy of the generator. There are plans to build bungalow-style accommodation, complete with shower room and toilet.

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