Must see attractions in Peshawar

  • Smugglers' Bazaar

    On the fringes of Peshawar as you head towards the Khyber Pass is the Smugglers' Bazaar (Karkhanai Bazaar). It thrives openly on the sale of goods…

  • P

    Peshawar Museum

    Housed in a glorious Victorian Mughal-Gothic hall across the tracks from the Old City, the Peshawar Museum has the largest collection of Gandharan art in…

  • M

    Mahabat Khan Mosque

    West of Chowk Yadgar is Mahabat Khan Mosque, the city's finest mosque, built in 1630 by the governor of Peshawar under Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, and…

  • Q

    Qissa Khawani

    Kabuli Gate is where Khyber Bazaar becomes Qissa Khawani, the old 'Street of Storytellers'. Peshawar's most famous bazaar, there's little memory left of…

  • B

    Bala Hisar Fort

    The imposing Bala Hisar Fort and its bleak ramparts still appear to monitor movement along the Grand Trunk Rd. Babur first built a fort here in 1526 after…

  • I

    Islamia College

    The prestigious Islamia College, founded in 1913, is well worth a look for its grand Victorian façade and clocktower, which features on the country's…

  • Z

    Ziarat Rahman Baba

    The tomb of Ziarat Rahman Baba in green surroundings on the southern outskirts of Peshawar is a shrine to the 17th century poet Rahman Baba, one of the…

  • A

    Ali Masjid

    Near the narrowest point of the pass, about 15km from Jamrud, is Ali Masjid. Above the mosque, Ali Masjid Fort commands a view over this strategic sector…

  • C

    Cunningham Clocktower

    East from Chowk Yadgar the road forks beneath the four-tiered Cunningham Clocktower, built at the turn of the 20th century for Queen Victoria's Diamond…

  • G

    Ghor Khatri

    A caravanserai in Mughal times and the governor's mansion under the Sikhs, it also contains a neglected Hindu temple. Archaeological excavations in its…

  • J

    Jamrud Fort

    About 18km east of Peshawar is Jamrud Fort, built by the Sikhs in 1823 to mark the western edge of their empire (one of the few to expand westward to the…

  • S

    Sphola Stupa

    In a broad valley by the village of Zarai, is the ruined Sphola Stupa. On a promontory overlooking the road, it dates from Kushan times, an incongruous…

  • A

    All Saints Church

    To the south of Pipal Mandi is All Saints Church, adapted from a former mosque in 1883 and still correctly oriented towards Mecca. A bird market is nearby.

  • S

    Shahgai Fort

    About 13km from Jamrud, Shahgai Fort is another British legacy, built in the 1920s, and is now occupied by the Frontier Force and closed to the public.