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Here's why Ibiza has decided to clamp down on Airbnb rentals

If you’re planning on travelling to Ibiza and are looking for somewhere to stay, you will need to bear in mind that a new law is coming into effect to ban Airbnb and other online accommodation platforms. Ibiza Town’s city council is implementing the measure because it believes that the platforms are causing issues for locals.

Airbnb and other online accommodation platforms have been banned in Ibiza. Image: Jorg Greuel/Getty Images

This will make it impossible for visitors to rent rooms in private houses and apartments, so the only accommodation options available will be hotels and other properties with specific licences. A similar ban was implemented in Santa Eulària des Riu last summer, and San José and San Antonio have already banned rentals in apartment blocks, but not in houses. Ibiza Town councillor, Elena López Bonet, says that the aim is for the law to be in place by the start of the 2018 season.

Online accommodation platforms have been banned in Ibiza. Image: NeonJellyfish/Getty Images

The penalties for contravening the law are stiff, as companies offering accommodation illegally could be fined up to €400,000, while individual owners face penalties of up to €40,000. The council says that the situation has become untenable and the relatively recent arrival of online platforms has created an unsustainable situation. It says that some locals were forced to sleep in cars or overcrowded apartments due to escalating rent problems and the shortage of accommodation last summer.

Airbnb and other online accommodation platforms have been banned in IbizaImage: Lukasz Janyst/Shutterstock

This move is obviously bad news for Airbnb, which has issued a statement saying it wants to work with officials in Ibiza on common sense rules. “Airbnb accounts for less than 5% of visitors to Ibiza and boosts the Balearic’s economy by more than half a billion euros – money that typically stays with local families and business,” it says.