Must see attractions in Southern Mozambique

  • Top ChoiceSights in Bazaruto Archipelago

    Bazaruto National Park

    This1400-sq-km park protects the five islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago, plus surrounding waters. Thanks to this protected status, and to the archipelago's relative isolation from the ravages of war on the mainland, nature bursts forth in full force, with dozens of bird species, including fish eagles and pink flamingos, plus red duikers, bushbucks and, especially on Benguera, Nile crocodiles.

  • Sights in Southern Mozambique

    Maputo Special Reserve

    The Maputo Special Reserve – about a two-hour drive south of Maputo – is the closest place to the capital to experience Mozambique's bush. The pristine and stunning wilderness scenery and birding are the main attractions. With luck, you may also see elephants and smaller wildlife.

  • Sights in Pomene

    Pomene Reserve

    The subject of renewed attention in recent years, this 200-sq-km reserve was gazetted in 1972 to protect the mangrove ecosystems, dune forests and marine life of the Pomene area, including dugongs and turtles. Entry fees are collected at a gate about 35km to 40km off the EN1 en route to the main beach area. Fees are per visit (not per day); save your receipt until after you leave.

  • Sights in Southern Mozambique

    Limpopo National Park

    Together with South Africa's Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe's Gonarezhou National Park, Limpopo National Park forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Although wildlife spotting is erratic and often unrewarding, the park offers several pleasant overnight options and an interesting transit route between Mozambique and South Africa. The park entry fee is payable in meticals or South African rand.

  • Sights in Inhambane

    New Cathedral

    The attractive new cathedral – named Nossa Senhora de Conceição, just like its predecessor next door – rises up just north of the jetty. Its distinctive red roof dominates the skyline and is clearly visible across the bay. It is open daily for church services.

  • Sights in Inhaca Island


    On Inhaca’s southwestern edge is a marine-biology research station and a small museum with specimens of local fauna. Transport can be arranged through Restaurante Lucas. Otherwise, it’s a 50-minute walk from the ferry dock.

  • Sights in Inhambane

    Cathedral of Nossa Senhora de Conceição

    The beautiful old Cathedral of Nossa Senhora de Conceição, dating from the late 18th century, is just northwest of the jetty. It is no longer used for services, and it is not possible to go inside, although the exterior is well worth a look.

  • Sights in Inhambane


    This tiny museum near the unmissable new mosque is well worth a stop. Its displays include collections of traditional musical instruments, clothing and household items from the surrounding area, with some captions in English.

  • Sights in Inhaca Island

    Inhaca Island Marine Reserve System

    Since 1965, much of Inhaca and the surrounding waters have been protected as marine and forest reserves. Entry to the reserve is collected by an official at the ferry dock (or is included in most tour packages from Maputo).

  • Sights in Vilankulo

    Fish Market

    The fish-market – on the beach at the southern end of town, is a hive of activity in the early morning and late afternoon when the fishers return with their catch.

  • Sights in Inhambane

    New Mosque

    The new mosque is at the northeasternmost end of the waterfront road and is an easy walk from the ferry jetty.

  • Sights in Inhambane

    Old Mosque

    Along the northern end of the waterfront road is Inhambane's attractive 'Old Mosque', dating to 1840.

  • Sights in Inhambane


    Inhambane’s colourful market is at its best in the early morning.

  • Sights in Bazaruto Archipelago


    Bazaruto's lighthouse is a picturesque landmark.