Must see attractions in Tripoli

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    Al Mina

    An enticing blend of tradition and modernity, the web of narrow streets of Tripoli's port quarter makes for wonderful strolling. The Phoenician city stood…

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    Khan Al Khayyatin

    One of the most beautiful buildings in the old city, this semi-open vaulted-roofed khan was formerly a Crusader hospital and is today a beautifully…

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    Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles

    Towering above Tripoli and the river, this Crusader fortress was originally built during the period from 1103 to 1104. Burned down in 1297, it was partly…

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    Hammam Al Jadid

    While certainly not new – Hammam Al Jadid was built around 1740 – it was in use until the 1970s and is very well preserved. It was donated as a gift to…

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    Madrasa Al Qartawiyya

    Attached to the east side of the Great Mosque is Madrasa Al Qartawiyya, which was built by a Mamluk governor of the same name in the early 1300s, over the…

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    Khan Al Misriyyin

    Believed to date from the 14th century when it was used by Egyptian merchants, this dilapidated khan is home to several friendly soapmakers, including,…

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    Taynal Mosque

    Standing on its own to the south of the souqs on the outskirts of the Old City, but well worth the walk, is this restored green-domed mosque by the…

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    Hammam Ezzedine

    Used from the 13th-century right up until 1975, this historic hammam is an extensive complex that is undergoing an elegant restoration. There's a…

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    Great Mosque

    Built on the site of a 12th-century Crusader cathedral and incorporating some of its features, this mosque has a magnificent entrance and an unusual…

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    Souq Al Attarin

    This long straight souq is fragrant with perfumes and spices. It segues into the main food-selling portion of the market area.

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    Souq Al Haraj

    At the northern end of the old town is Souq Al Haraj, which is thought to have been built on the site of a Crusader church. Its high, vaulted ceiling is…

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    Khan As Saboun

    In the centre of the souq, the Khan As Saboun was built in the 16th century and first used as an army barracks; since then, it has for generations…

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    Al Muallaq Mosque

    You have to glance up to see this small and unusual 14th-century mosque with its delicate octagonal minaret. The prayer hall unusually stretches across…

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    Madrasa Al Nouriyat

    On a little square in the vicinity of the Great Mosque, this religious school has distinctive black-and-white stonework and a beautiful inlaid mihrab …

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    Souq Al Sayyaghin

    Tripoli's gold souq gleams bright with jewellery displayed in dozens of shopfronts. There are some very high-quality pieces, though they are mostly traded…

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    Souq An Nahhassin

    Gleaming brassware characterises this market street, just outside the cramped central area of the souq. You'll need plenty of tenacity and elbow grease to…