Must-see attractions in Kenya

  • Tusks


    Giant replicas of elephant tusks form two arches above Moi Ave, welcoming visitors to the city. Next to them are Uhuru Gardens, a tranquil, green space of…

  • Makalia Falls

    Lake Nakuru National Park

    The modest Makalia Falls, at the extreme southern end of the park, swell after the rains when they're at their best. You can camp at the nearby park…

  • House of Columns


    This building is a good example of traditional Swahili architecture and contains a peculiar exhibit on marine ecology – on the first and only coelacanth…

  • Hot Springs

    Southern Rift Valley

    The hot springs at Magadi aren’t particularly dramatic, but you can take a dip in the deeper pools and there are large numbers of fish that have adapted…

  • Jain Temple


    This Jain temple caters to believers of Gujarati origin, and the ornamental interior, with niches filled with brightly painted figurines of deities, is…

  • Lord Shiva Temple


    Mombasa’s large Hindu population doesn’t lack for places of worship. The enormous Lord Shiva Temple is airy, open and set off by an interesting sculpture…

  • Swaminarayan Temple


    The Swaminarayan Temple is stuffed with highlighter-bright murals that’ll make you feel as if you’ve been transported to Mumbai.

  • Crocodile Point


    If you've made it out to the Galana River, this vantage point high above the riverbank is the place to spot crocs.

  • Python Pool


    It's always worth checking what's going on at this watering hole in the park's south.

  • Tazama Art Gallery


    Tazama displays works by Kenyan artists in a modern shopping-centre venue.

  • Maralal National Sanctuary

    Northern Kenya

    This sanctuary, home to zebras, impalas and other wildlife, once completely surrounded the town. Today it only covers a small patch of land around what's…

  • German Post Office Museum

    Lamu Island

    In the late 1800s, before the British decided to nip German expansion into Tanganyika in the bud, the Germans regarded Lamu as an ideal base from which to…

  • Loyangalani Desert Museum

    Northern Kenya

    Standing on a bluff above the lake several kilometres north of town, this museum covers the history and cultures of northern Kenya. The rooms contain lots…

  • Meru National Museum


    There’s a series of faded exhibits, desultory stuffed and mounted wildlife and a small but informative section concerning the clothing, weapons, and…

  • Shurr Community Conservancy

    Northern Kenya

    Established in 2013, and immediately to the east of Marsabit, this conservancy has a lot of potential and there's more wildlife around here than many…

  • Baden-Powell’s Grave


    The scoutmaster’s grave is tucked behind St Peter's Church, facing Mt Kenya and marked with the Scouts trail sign for ‘I have gone home’. His more famous…

  • Fourteen Falls


    With a bit of TLC, this could be an amazing tourist attraction. Unfortunately, at the moment you'll be greeted by touts looking for money and a polluted…

  • Holy Ghost Cathedral


    The Christian Holy Ghost Cathedral is a very European hunk of neo-Gothic buttressed architecture, with massive fans in the walls to cool its former…

  • All Saints' Cathedral


    An important landmark overlooking Uhuru Park, All Saints Cathedral is the city's premier Anglican house of worship.

  • Holy Family Cathedral


    The main Catholic church in the city, this is a key downtown landmark and one of Nairobi's most important churches.

  • Ngong Road Forest


    This forest parkland just north of Karen has walking trails, but walking here alone is not recommended.

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