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Full Day Gili Sudak and Cycling Tour

Merely a short boat ride away from another unspoilt Gili Island, Gili Sudak offers aplenty for discerned travellers who want to enjoy the true definition of a tropical getaway. Not to confuse with the Gili Islands, Gili Sudak’s laid-back vibe with sandy shorelines overlook what may be the clearest waters you may see combine that much-needed moment of relaxation with the opportunity to gaze through your snorkelling mask to the wondrous underwater world. At around 08:00 hrs, we leave your hotel and head into rural Lombok. Larger parts of the island are still untouched with villages and plantations dotted along the main road, preserving ancient agricultural and irrigation techniques as used by many generations before. We reach Lombok’s main harbour town of Lembar after a comfortable 45-minute drive. Not only the central (dis)embarkation point for passengers and freight, surrounding the town are a few places where local workers are known to fabricate bricks out of locally-sources clay.  Once we have had a look at the processes taking place to get to the final product, our bicycles are at the ready for a recreational bike ride to Batu Kijuk harbour – the start of our boating trip to Gili Sudak. The cycling trip will take approximately 2 hours and includes ample stops for photographs of the verdant-green nature and often stunning views over the ocean, surrounding us while paddling away. With a renewed view of Lombok from your bicycle, a motorized outrigger will be the next means of transport on this day. Gili Subak will be our tropical haven for the afternoon where not only lunch will be served at one of the better restaurants on the island, but where you can simply chill, enjoy the cool, ocean breeze or dive into the turquoise water for a snorkelling trip that reveals the hustle and bustle of the underwater world in all of its glory. Sadly, it is time to leave this place at the end of the afternoon and our outrigger and car will safely deliver you back to your hotel lobby at around 16:00 hrs.