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Pench Tiger Reserve has a total area of 1921 sq km – 60% in Madhya Pradesh, the rest in Maharashtra. The majority of its tigers are on the MP side, specifically in Pench National Park (part of the tiger reserve's core area), which has around 50 of the big stripeys. By far the easiest reached and most used of the park's three entry points is Turia gate, 12km west of Khawasa on the Jabalpur–Nagpur Hwy 44.

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$415 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Safari Expedition to Pench Tiger Reserve

Day 1 (October 19):Arrival at your transit point (Nagpur) and transfer to the hotel (Pench Jungle Camp) where you can enjoy the wilderness at leisure. A short orientation to the Pench National Park will be provided. In the evening, we head for our first safari to the tiger reserve. Our skipper will be on hand to assist you with any queries as regards photography & natural history. We then get together for a lively dinner and retire for the night to be prepared for our early morning explorations the next day.Day 2 (October 20):We rise just before dawn to get ready for our first morning safari in the Pench Tiger Reserve. A short session with tea and light snacks, where our skipper will help you with any last-minute preparations before we depart for the safari, carrying along a packed breakfast. Return to the hotel post safari for lunch and some rest. We shall then depart for the evening safari. On our return to the hotel, we share our experiences of watching some of the amazing wildlife we would have witnessed over high tea. Our skipper would once again be on hand to assist with any queries. We get together once again during dinner and retire for the night.Day 3 (October 21):We continue with our morning and evening rounds as every trip in the forest brings out a surprise and also to give ourselves the best possible chance of sighting the big cats. We return from our explorations, remembering the fond memories created, and once you’re all packed and ready, arrange for your transfer back to the transit point (Nagpur) till our next wild wandering. (Guests can choose to stay the night at Pench at an additional cost of 40 USD per room (payable at property) on October 21 and depart on October 22nd morning OR depart for a late night flight/train on October 21st (if you intend to book departure on October 21, please book flight/train departures post 9:15 PM/21:15 hours only, else you may not make it for the flight in time or will have to miss your evening safari)

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