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Private 2 day tour of Hampi from Bangalore

Day 1 6AM- Hotel pick up We drive 350 KMs to reach the Hampi, the ancient capital of Vijayanagara Empire. 2PM- Arrive in Hampi We start our tour at the biggest idol of Hampi. Ugra Narasimha is 22 feet in height and was carved by a Brahmin during Krishnadevaraya’s time. There is a serpent with open hood at the back of the headWe will next visit Badavi Linga is the biggest of all lingas in Hampi. It is made of black stone and rises 12 feet in height. A canal passes through it and hence it’s always in water.Balakrishna temple was built by the King Krishnadevaraya) in 1513 AD to celebrate the conquest of the eastern kingdom of Udayagiri. Its a temple of Lord Krishna during his infancy and has spectacular carvings of mythical beasts.Hemakunta hill is our next destination. It has many ancient temples provides scenic views of the entire town. It is also a great place to watch the Sun set.We end the day at the magnificent Virupaksha temple.  It is from the Hoysala period and is the oldest temple in Hampi. The temple tower has eleven storeys and goes up 165 ft in height. The river Tungabhadra flows inside.Day2Today begins at Vijaya Vittala temple is probably the grandest masterpiece around. It is constructed on a polyhedron foundation. Right at the front is the world renowned stone chariot made of rough quartz. You will spot figures of soldiers, hunters and even foreign visitors like Portuguese and Arabs etched on the chariot.  The musical pillars of the temple is one of the greatest work of art by mankind.King’s Balance is the next destination. This is a huge stone frame east of Purandara Mantapa. A stone beam is placed on two pillars of stone. Legend has it that the generous Kings of Vijayanagara used to weigh them with gold and gems and distribute it among the poor.We will visit the Royal enclosures. Some of the memorable structures here are the Elephant stables, Queen’s bath and the Lotus Mahal.  The Zanana enclosure , which was the place for the royal women is another fascinating site.The Hampi experience ends at the ancient Anegundi caves. The paintings here date back to the Iron Age around 1500 BC.

$900 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Bewitching ruins of Hampi & Badami over 6 nights from Bangalore

Day 1 – Chitradurga, impregnable fort7AM- We will reach Chitradurga after a drive of 3.5 hours. The fort has seven concentric fortification walls, 19 gateways, 38 posterior entrances, 35 secret pathways, four invisible passages, water tanks and 2000 watch towers! Post lunch, we leave for Hampi and check in to our hotel by late evening.Day 2 – Bear Sanctuary HampiWe will head towards the Royal structures of Hampi. Over the next couple of hours we will explore the courts and military structures of the once mighty Vijayanagar Empire.Post lunch visit a fascinating sanctuary for the Indian Sloth Bear at Daroji. Spread over 5500 hectares Daroji Bear Sanctuary is home to 150 Bears and other animals like  Leopards, Hyena, Jackals, Wild boars and many birds.Day 3  Sacred & Royal Trails in Hampi We spend the day walking around the sacred area along the Tungabhadra River. We will experience beautiful temples and market places which were built by Vijaynagara Kings to carry on commerce and trade. Day 4 – Kishkinda (Ramayana) TrailToday we start early at daybreak at 545 am. We ride to Anjanadri hill, the birth place of  Lord Hanuman,  for a  glorious sunrise. After breakfast we visit Kishkinda, the legendary monkey kingdom mentioned in the great epic The Ramayana. Our guide will tell us stories and legends pertaining to the places we visit.Day 5 – Badami, Aihole & PattadakalOur destination will be the legendary cave temples built by the Chalukyas at Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal. Dating back to the 6th century, these are considered one of the best remnants of temple art in India.After breakfast we do 150 KMs to the erstwhile capital of the Chalukya Kings,  Badami. Located in a ravine at the foot of red sandstone hills Badami looks mesmerizing surrounded by the Agastya lake. We ride from Badami to Aihole, located 34 KMs away. There are more than a hundred stone temples from 5th century onwards to see. After Aihole, we move to Pattadakal located 14 KMs away. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an epitome of the Visara style of architecture. Day 6 – Village experience in Badami & Hampi tourWe spend the day at a leisurely pace around the  villages surrounding the ruins of Hampi. We will ride on bikes and bullock carts as we explore lakes, canals and Iron age cave paintings in Anegundi village and other parts of the countryside.You will also be able to look at the local handicrafts which keeps the livelihood going for these folks.Day 7 – Bangalore9AM- We commence the final leg of this tour after breakfast and drive 340 KMs.  We would reach Bangalore by 6 PM. End of Tour.