Must see attractions in Rio Muni

  • Sights in Rio Muni

    Monte Alen National Park

    Monte Alen is one of Central Africa's best-kept secrets, and reason enough to visit Equatorial Guinea. A protected area covering 2000 sq km, the park is an excellent place to experience the lush rain forests and wildlife of Rio Muni. In the interior are a series of lakes and waterfalls, with the landscape climbing to an elevation of 1200m. In the park it's possible to spot gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, crocodiles and a whole range of other African animals, as well as myriad birds and insects.

  • Sights in Rio Campo

    Reserva Natural de Rio Campo

    This reserve, in the far northwest of Rio Muni, spans 335sq km and is a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. Turtles, hippos and goliath frogs abound. It is managed by INDEFOR-AP in Bata, from whom you can obtain permits to visit.

  • Sights in Cogo


    This tiny Fang village is worth visiting for its spectacular beach. Standing on the clean sweep of sand, you can see Gabon and the Elobey Islands across the sea. There are dugout canoes on the beach which local people use to catch fish that they smoke for a living. They're a friendly bunch and their wares are tasty. Evouat lies 8km southwest of Akoga, a small town 13km north of Cogo. Turn southwest at the Somagec cement works and follow a dirt road to the coast.

  • Sights in Bata

    Plaza del Reloj

    Also known as the Plaza de la Libertad, this large square features the clock tower of its name ( reloj) as well as a memorial statue to those who fought in the 1979 coup.

  • Sights in Mbini

    Benito River Bridge

    Linking Bolondo with Mbini, this impressive, Chinese-built bridge spans the Benito River and replaces the old ferry. It's lit up at night, but do not take photos.

  • Sights in Isla Corisco

    Spanish Mission House

    In ruins now, this mission house dates to the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when there were many European missionaries, merchants and colonial authorities living on the islands.

  • Sights in Bata

    Torre de la Libertad

    Built in 2011 to celebrate Equatorial Guinea's independence, this imposing structure is surrounded by gardens and overlooks the sea.

  • Sights in Bata


    This black obelisk commemorates the visit of Pope John Paul II to Equatorial Guinea in 1982.