Best restaurants in Rio Muni

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    La Ferme Beach

    La Ferme (pronounced Fermay for taxi drivers) is a lovely beach resort about 20 minutes south of Bata port. It has a large terrace, gorgeous pool surrounded by palm trees and spacious restaurant. Fish is the best option here and it couldn't be fresher. The amuse-bouche of tortilla and empanadilla is a nice touch.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Utonde Beach Club

    This is one of two beach resorts in Utonde and was about to open at the time of our visit. It's very stylish, with thatched umbrellas set around a large pool. Chef Rafi conjures up the usual staples of pizzas, fish and steaks. A great place to escape the city.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Bar Central

    If you spend any time at all in Bata, you will gravitate to this friendly bar and restaurant. Set on a crossroads, the terrace is surrounded by plants that seem to usher in a welcome cool breeze. There's a wide menu with the usual pizzas, meat and fish. Try the calamari à la Central, dipped in beer batter (CFA10,000).

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Restaurant L'Orientale

    A huge, sprawling place on the seafront, this grand restaurant offers good Lebanese food and generous, if doughy, pizzas. With few customers these days, quite a few menu items are unavailable, but the hummus is excellent. The terrace overlooking the sea makes a pleasant stop for a beer, and there's a takeaway outlet next door.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Restaurant Naby

    Part of the Hotel Finisterre San Pedro, this restaurant is set in a shady terrace and offers good pastries and omelettes for breakfast (but no coffee). There are crêpes, pizzas and salads, but the Senegalese specialities are the best options: yassa fish or meat is CFA4000.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Big Bites

    Lebanese hummus, pizzas, pastas and burgers are on the menu at this friendly place with a large terrace. KFC Big Bites are CFA4000, just don't mention copyright laws.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    EGTC Supermarket

    Large, well-stocked supermarket. Vendors of African souvenirs have stalls outside.

  • Restaurants in Bata

    Restaurante Djibloho Plaza

    This is a great place for spit roast chicken that you can eat on the terrace overlooking the wide avenida. Try a bowl of eye-wateringly hot pepe soup for CFA3500. Best not to ask for coffee, though, as you'll be given a pot of hot water and an old tin of granules to make your own.

  • Restaurants in Rio Campo

    Pescaderia Bar

    One of the only places to eat in Rio Campo, the Pescaderia Bar has snacks and is in the southern part of the town.