Must-see restaurants in Ecuador

  • El Chivo Pizzeria

    North Coast & Lowlands

    Formerly called Suly's, this pizzeria has a nice mix of Italian faves like lasagna, spaghetti, pizza and overstuffed calzones.

  • Wimpy

    Northern Highlands

    A popular greasy spoon serving burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken. In a town famous for 'burguers,' here's a brand name.

  • Restaurante D'Mario

    Lago Agrio

    The pizza is probably the thing to go for here. The basic menu is nevertheless pretty good by Lago Agrio standards.

  • Pasteleria Francesa Blanche

    Puerto López

    Cubbyhole cafe with coffee, cheesecake, and crepes along the Champs Esmeraldas (ie the malecón).

  • Empanadas de Playas

    South Coast

    A no-frills restaurants with plastic tables, serving tasty chicken, ham and cheese, and meat empanadas.

  • La Carreta

    North Coast & Lowlands

    Tie-clad waiters serve up tasty Ecuadorian fare in this slick and starched eatery by the cathedral.

  • Mercado Santa Clara


    Besides an outstanding produce selection, the main market in New Town has cheap food stalls.

  • Frutería Monserrate


    Cafeteria-style place serving fresh fruit juices, empanadas, coffee and basic sandwiches.

  • La Paella Valenciana


    Serves knockout Spanish seafood plates including excellent paella. Portions are gigantic.

  • Food Kiosks


    For a cheap meal or snack, check out the handful of food kiosks by the river.

  • Supermaxi


    Convenient La Floresta branch of the nationwide supermarket Supermaxi.

  • Mega Bodega


    This centrally located supermarket is the place to stock up.

  • Chill & Grill


    Yes – this is where to come if you want a good burger.

  • La Mía


    Large, modern supermarket on Plaza de Ponchos.

  • Supermaxi


    Well-stocked supermarket near Mariscal Sucre.

  • AKI Supermercado

    North Coast & Lowlands

    This is a good supermarket for stocking up on provisions. In addition to this downtown locale, there's another branch next to the bus terminal (Terminal…

  • Jardín Escondido


    Surly, incompetent service spoils an otherwise lovely location – but the travelers who once flocked here have cottoned on and no longer do. Hardly any of…

  • Forno di Fango


    The pastas are better than the pizzas at this unremarkable Italian joint that will do in a pinch.

  • Hotel Rivera

    Southern Highlands

    The restaurant at Hotel Rivera has breakfast and a larger dinner menu.

  • Conchalagua

    The Galápagos Islands

    Hands down the best place for a meal on Floreana, tiny Conchalagua has delicious pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and snacks. It's run by the very charming…

  • Oh! Mar

    North Coast & Lowlands

    Out in Las Palmas, this casual open-sided beachfront restaurant serves delicious seafood dishes like encocado de langosta (lobster in coconut milk) and…

  • La Tunda

    North Coast & Lowlands

    One of several new cafés overlooking the Plaza Cívica, La Tunda has a large menu of ceviche, lasagna, pastas and hamburgers, as well as breakfast plates…

  • El Típico Esmeraldeño

    North Coast & Lowlands

    This charming little spot in Las Palmas is a local favorite for its home cooking. Enjoy daily lunch specials (fish soup, plus chicken, beef or pork dishes…

  • Parrilladas El Toro

    North Coast & Lowlands

    Beyond the mafioso decor you’ll find a decent steakhouse specializing in beef and chops. The thatched courtyard seating is preferable.

  • El Oasis de la Baronesa

    The Galápagos Islands

    A pleasant spot on the main road, with outdoor patio seating and a small selection of home-cooked dishes.

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