Must-see shopping in Ecuador

  • Tianguez


    Next to Tianguez cafe, this fair-trade shop sells a wide selection of quality handmade crafts from across Ecuador. Items are arranged by region, with…

  • Maki Awashka


    The family from Salasaca who own this shop weave many of the gorgeous wool rugs and tapestries in their workshop upstairs. There's a good selection of…

  • Tortoise Gallery

    Puerto Ayora

    You'll find one-of-a-kind gifts at this jeweler, with exquisite handmade works by Ecuadorian artisans. Some pieces incorporate lava forms, others feature…

  • Galería Aymara

    Puerto Ayora

    A high-end artists boutique selling uniquely designed handicrafts, jewelry and ceramics.

  • 500px Photo ID: 143362997 - Handmade woven sashes for sale at the outdoor craft market in Otavalo, Ecuador



    This is the reason everyone comes to town. For centuries, Otavalo has hosted one of the most important markets in the Andes, a weekly fiesta that…

  • Casa del Sombrero Alberto Pulla


    The hats of Cuenca’s most famous hatter have graced the noggins of Presidents, celebrities and hundreds of local indigenous women. Alberto Pulla himself…

  • Craig's Book Exchange


    Extraordinary array of over 5000 books that can be bought outright or for part-exchange.

  • Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal


    Half a city block filled by more than 200 crafts stalls, with good prices and mixed quality. It’s great for souvenirs.

  • El Gran Condor

    Northern Highlands

    On the central plaza of Peguche, El Gran Condor is the place for textile fanatics who didn’t find what they wanted in Otavalo. The shop sells high-quality…

  • Librería del Fondo Carlos Fuentes


    One of Ecuador's best bookshops is located in the former mansion of Galo Plaza Lasso, Ecuadorian president from 1948 to 1952. An excellent selection of…

  • Feria de Zuleta

    Northern Highlands

    A smaller alternative to the madness of Otavalo, about 30 families of indigenous and mestizo artisans from Zuleta and La Esperanza have teamed up to offer…

  • Pacha Chocolates

    Puerto López

    Out on the main highway, this place is a chocolate-lover's dream, with all manner of cocoa temptations – hot chocolate, chocolate crepes, brownies and…

  • Plaza de San Francisco Market


    The Plaza de San Francisco Market has an interesting combination of basketry, ceramics, ironwork, wooden utensils, plastic trinkets, gaudy religious…

  • Homero Ortega P & Hijos


    More akin to a hat emporium, this is Ecuador’s best-known hat seller. The company exports around the world and has a huge selection of high-quality straw…

  • Kawsay

    Northern Highlands

    Claudia and Marcelo Garcia produce a tasty range of amaranth-based products, including energy bars, granola, cookies and flour. They exhibit every…

  • Eduardo Vega


    Just below the Mirador de Turi – and 4km south of the center – is the home, workshop and studio of Eduardo Vega, Ecuador’s most important ceramic artist…

  • Galería Latina


    One of the finest handicraft and clothing shops in the city, Galería Latina has a huge selection of beautifully made pieces: tagua carvings, colorful…

  • Galería Ecuador


    This sparkling two-story complex just off Plaza Foch offers top-quality Ecuadorian-made products, ranging from handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and coffee…

  • La Casa de Bandolin


    Santiago Ayala has been making professional-grade instruments for his fellow musicians for a long while, and it's worth a stroll down from the re-sellers…

  • Folklore Olga Fisch


    The store of legendary designer Olga Fisch (who died in 1991) is a good place to go for high-quality crafts, bags and accessories. Fisch was a Hungarian…

  • Fundación Chankuap

    The Oriente

    This foundation aids the Shuar and Achuar by selling crafts, herbal remedies and beauty products. Our personal favorite? The soap made from local cinnamon…

  • ARIU


    Byron Ushiña, a jewelry designer who learned the craft from his father and grandfather, sells unique, beautifully made pieces, incorporating pre-Columbian…

  • Sunday Market

    Southern Highlands

    The Sunday market draws Saraguros – dressed finely for the occasion – from the surrounding countryside. None of the several ATMs in town accept cards…



    On the west side of the Plaza de San Francisco is this artisan market, which houses more than 100 craft stalls selling handmade musical instruments,…

  • MAKI


    Featuring high-quality textiles, baskets, clothing, jewelry and ceramics, this fair-trade shop is a wonderful showcase from which to scoop up souvenirs…

  • Mercado de Artesanias Rotary


    Basketry, ceramics, wooden utensils, plastic trinkets, religious paraphernalia and decorative souvenirs can be purchased at this low-pressure, pleasant…

  • Kallary Kawsay


    This Kichwa handicrafts outlet is packed with handmade jewelry, woven string bags and pottery, in case you return empty-handed from your visits to river…

  • Waorani


    Sells artisanal crafts made by Waorani women, including jewelry, spears, hammocks, blowguns and palm string bags. Artisans receive a portion of every sale.

  • Tienda El Salinerito

    Central Highlands

    Tienda El Salinerito is Salinas local outlet for all the products made by the communities, including fuzzy wool sweaters, chocolate, cheese and jams.

  • Ag


    Ag’s selection of rare, handmade silver jewelry from throughout South America is outstanding. You’ll also find antiques.

  • Carolina Bookstore


    The best selection of English-language books around, plus maps and a wealth of local info. They offer Spanish lessons, too.

  • Centro Artesenal

    North Coast & Lowlands

    This is where to come to browse for tapestries, baskets, tagua (vegetable ivory)carvings and other Chachi pieces.

  • Mercado 9 de Octubre


    Amazing fruit and vegetable market in a covered building on Plaza Civica 9 de Octubre (also known as Plaza Rotary).

  • Market

    The Oriente

    Find food, footwear and fashion at the Macas market, a great place to roam while you're waiting for your bus.

  • Casa Mariscal


    An artists' collective selling beautiful handmade jewelry, prints, bags, textiles and other handicrafts.

  • Asociación Río Intag

    Northern Highlands

    Just downhill from the plaza, visit Café Río Intag, a cooperative coffee factory whose beans are produced by a group of local farmers and artists…

  • Sunday Market

    Southern Highlands

    The Sunday market is the most important event of the week. At dawn church bells beckon everyone to mass in the Plaza Independencia, and by 7am they are…

  • José Chávez Franco

    North Coast & Lowlands

    Here you can snatch up high-quality straw 'Panama' hats for under $100, but check them closely. None are blocked or banded, but they’re cheaper than just…

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