Must see attractions in Santo Domingo

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    Plaza de María de Toledo

    Named in honor of Diego Columbus’ wife, this plaza connecting Las Damas and Isabel la Católica features two arches that were once part of the Jesuits’…

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    Fuerte de Santa Bárbara

    Built during the 1570s, this fort served as one of the city’s main points of defense. It proved no match for Drake, however, who, along with his fleet of…

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    Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen

    Since 1596 this church has served as a hospital, a jail and an inn, but is now famous for its carved-mahogany figure of Jesus, which is worshipped every…

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    Iglesia de San Lázaro

    Completed in 1650, but altered several times since, this church was erected beside a hospital that treated people with infectious diseases. The church was…

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    Iglesia de la Regina Angelorum

    Paid for by a woman who donated her entire fortune to construct this monument for the cloistered Dominican Sisters, this church was built toward the end…

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    Puerta de San Diego

    For a time, this imposing gate, built in 1571 downhill from the Alcázar de Colón, was the main entrance into the city. Beside it you can still see some of…

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    Puerta de la Misericordia

    This gate was erected during the 16th century and for many decades served as the main western entrance to the city. It obtained its name after a major…

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    Iglesia de San Miguel

    In 1784 Spain ordered that the Iglesia de San Miguel be turned into a hospital for slaves. The decree, however, was never followed. Note the appealing…

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    Iglesia de Santa Bárbara

    This baroque church was built in 1574 to honor the patron saint of the military. After being done over by Drake, however, the church was rebuilt with…

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    Playa Guibia

    A beach area on the Malecón popular with families on weekends, featuring a sandy volleyball court, a kids' playground, gym equipment and free wi-fi access.