Must see shopping in Santo Domingo

  • G
    Galería Bolós

    Manuel Bolós has never seen a piece of wood he didn't like. The energetic young artist builds stylish furniture from recycled wood he collects around the…

  • D
    Desireé Cepeda Artesanía Interiorismo

    Every nook and cranny of this charmingly idiosyncratic artisan crafts store displays the aesthetic vision of its passionately committed creator, including…

  • C
    Cava Billini

    The only high-end wine shop in the Zona Colonial. It offers free tastings on Tuesdays (6pm to 8pm) and is a popular stop for those looking to enjoy a…

  • C
    Casa Quien

    Housed in an elegant 16th-century home in the Zona Colonial, Casa Quien exhibits and sells contemporary fine art, crafts, books and other curios created…

  • C
    Choco Museo

    More a shop than museum, Choco Museo nonetheless has signs in Spanish and English that explain the history of chocolate and manufacturing processes in the…

  • E
    El Catador

    One of Piantini's best places to stock up on quality wine from around the world, as well as whiskey, gin, champagne and more. The elegant, brick-walled…

  • H
    Handmade Legends

    A high-end boutique selling Panama hats and guayabera (also known as chacabana), traditionally white shirts worn on formal occasions. The former start at…

  • J
    Jenny Polanco

    Stylish and classy upscale boutique selling this well-known Dominican designer's womenswear. Plus jewelry and bags, all with a Caribbean flair.

  • Caoba Cigars

    This small boutique shop sells cigars, and staff members will explain the cigar-making process from start to finish. You can see cigars being rolled in…

  • M
    Mercado Modelo

    Bargain hard at this crowded market, which sells everything from love potions to woodcarvings, jewelry and, of course, the ubiquitous 'Haitian-style'…

  • M
    Mapas Gaar

    Located on the 3rd floor of an aging office building, Mapas Gaar has the best variety and the largest number of maps in the Dominican Republic. Maps are…

  • G
    Galería Arawak

    This longstanding contemporary gallery displays the works of acclaimed Dominican artists including José Gausachs, Ramón Oviedo, Iris Pérez, José Pelletier…

  • C
    Chinatown Street Market

    Every Sunday, shoppers descend on Av Duarte for a thriving Chinatown street market. Enormous fruits and vegetables, live chickens, dim sum and various sea…

  • L
    Librería Cuesta

    This modern, two-story Dominican version of Barnes & Noble is one of the nicest and largest bookstores in the city, and has an upstairs cafe. Attached to…

  • L
    La Leyenda del Cigarro

    A good selection of premium cigars, but equally importantly, the helpful staff are more than willing to answer the naive questions of cigar novices.