Bioparque Rocazul

Nature Reserve in Playa Pesquero & Around

Located just off the link road that joins Playa Turquesa with the other Pesquero resorts, this protected park in Parque Natural Cristóbal Colón offers the usual hand-holding array of outdoor activities under the supervision of a nonnegotiable government guide. It's a commendable environmental effort in a major resort area, but the limitations can be a little stifling (and costly).

There's leisurely walking excursions (first hour CUC$8, per extra hour CUC$2), horseback riding (per hour CUC$16) and reef fishing (CUC$49). If you plan to stay the whole day, opt for the 'day in the country' (package CUC$40). The park is extensive with hills, trails, a minizoo aimed at kids and ocean access. You can also overnight in a cabin. There's a friendly bar at the entrance to the park where you can weigh up the options.