Drinking and nightlife in Hunan

  • Nightlife in Changsha

    Yìngshānlóu Cháguǎn

    This lovely tea house is hidden away inside Tiānxīn Park, down the path from the entrance to the Old City Wall and Tiānxīn Pavilion. The building actually straddles part of the ancient wall, and you can sit beside it on the tree-shaded terrace. It can be smoky.

  • Nightlife in Changsha

    Jiefang Xilu

    This street is Changsha’s club central with KTV (karaoke) joints and clubs. There are no covers but drinks can be expensive.

  • Nightlife in Changsha

    Hualongchi Xiang

    A busy enclave of bars down an ancient alley off the shopping strip Huangxing Zhonglu.