Best hotels and hostels in Hunan

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Fenghuang

    Rose Courtyard Hotel

    There's a lot to like at this stylish hotel: it's got soft beds, excellent English-speaking staff who go out of their way to help, useful information, and a great location next to a market. It's just down the street from the bus station, near the old town. Rooms are spread out over two buildings.

  • Lodging in Zhangjiajie

    Hostel Geographer

    Great-value rooms at the Geographer come with hot showers and industrially cool decor – there are even floor-to-ceiling windows in some double rooms. The downstairs lounge serves coffee and meals, and can provide other extras like ticket booking and laundry service (though at ¥40 it's comparatively expensive). English spoken.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Zhangjiajie

    1982 International Youth Hostel

    The top pick in Wulingyuan, this hostel features spacious double rooms with faux lattice decor, six-person dorms and a huge 2nd-floor cafe and restaurant with a pool table and evening movies. Its sister hostel, Wulingyuantuniu, is also a good choice, though rooms aren't as nice. The staff speak English at both places and will help plan park itineraries.

  • Lodging in Zhangjiajie

    Guiguan International Hotel

    If you want to get away from the crowds, this peaceful four-star hotel is a short walk before you reach the Forest Park entrance and is interspersed with pleasant courtyard gardens sprouting magnolias and water features. The most affordable standard rooms are discounted to ¥460, which is quite reasonable; rooms with mountain view will set you back more.

  • Lodging in Changsha

    Zhongtian Hibiscus Land International Hostel

    Up a peaceful alleyway, this dependable hostel has reasonably spacious four- and eight-bed dorms with lockers and shared bathrooms, plus a few private rooms (double to quad). There's laundry and a 2nd-floor terrace, though not a lot in the way of atmosphere. It's a short walk from the metro station, on the west side of the river. Some English spoken.

  • Lodging in Fenghuang

    A Good Year

    There are just 10 rooms in this sweet, wood-framed inn on the river; all have balconies, but six have fantastic river views (¥228) and swinging chairs. The owners are welcoming (but no English) and the location is quiet and secluded, tucked away a fair distance along Huilong Ge. Take a taxi to Feng Bridge (凤桥, Féng Qiáo) and cross from there.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Changsha

    Lu Shu Homestay

    Set in an old brick house and owned by an architect, this is Changsha's cosiest hotel by a long shot. Decor mixes contemporary sensibilities with the odd antique to superb effect – there's a lovely sitting room, patio, adjacent cafe and even a 2nd-floor tatami terrace. Book in advance (try

  • Lodging in Fenghuang

    Yinji Inn

    With a terrace perched above the Wanming Pagoda and fine views of the river and Hong Bridge come nightfall, this boutique property done up in grey brick and wood accents is the best choice for upmarket lodging in Fenghuang. You'll need to climb some stairs to access the hotel. English is spoken.

  • Lodging in Changsha

    Old Street International Youth Hostel

    This small Hostelling International place, parcelled away along the restored old street of Duzheng Jie, has a fabulous location in a charming area not far from Changsha's nightlife. The staff are friendly and speak English. Bus 124 runs here from the South Train Station (one hour).

  • Lodging in Zhangjiajie

    Floral Hotel

    Bright modern rooms with a touch of style make this a good midrange choice in Wuyuan. To get here, turn left out of the bus station, make another left onto Jundi Lu, and the hotel will be on your left after five minutes or so. Basic English spoken.

  • Lodging in Hongjiang Old Town

    Hibiscus Guesthouse

    A lovely old wooden building by the Wu River, just west of Qianyang Old Town and adjacent to the Hibiscus Tower gardens. It was closed to foreigners on our last visit, but it's worth calling ahead to see if the situation has changed. No English.

  • Lodging in Zhangjiajie

    Wulingyuantuniu Youth Hostel

    Amenities are minimal (no food or laundry), but the staff speak English and are full of good advice for planning your day. It's just around the corner from the Wulingyuan park entrance and a seven-minute walk from the bus station. Good wi-fi.

  • Lodging in Zhangjiajie

    Mini Inn

    A stylish midrange option, the Mini Inn is consistently booked up, so make reservations well in advance. It's part of the Penjiapu guesthouse district, a 10-minute walk down Guanli Lu left out of the train and bus stations.

  • Lodging in Changsha

    Sheraton Changsha Hotel

    The 380-room Sheraton is a benchmark of luxury in Changsha, with contemporary, fully equipped rooms and a glass-window enclosed swimming pool, among other tempting amenities and restaurants.

  • Lodging in Heng Shan

    Wàngrì Tái Jiēdàizhàn

    The mountain's highest accommodation, this place is just a 10-minute walk below Zhùróng Peak (up to your right as you are climbing), and has small but modern twin rooms with air-con–heaters, TV, bathroom and wi-fi. Cooked meals also available (mains ¥30 to ¥60).

  • Lodging in Heng Shan

    Zushi Temple

    The rooms in this Taoist temple are spartan for sure, but the views are magic and vegetarian rice meals are served up throughout the day. It's a five-minute walk from the cable-car station by Nántiānmén – turn left as you exit the cable car.

  • Lodging in Fenghuang

    Běiyīmén Kèzhàn

    This modern guesthouse has seven comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms with balconies overlooking the river. While the location is ideal for views, it's right in the thick of the bar scene and may be noisy at night. No English.

  • Lodging in Heng Shan

    Jūnyǎ Zhōujì Jiǔdiàn

    This large hotel has comfortable, smart twins and doubles and a restaurant. Turn right out of the bus station, left through the páifāng (decorative stone archway) and it's on your left.

  • Lodging in Fenghuang

    Shi'er Hao Shiguang Hostel

    A friendly, laid-back hostel with a quiet, back-alley location on historic Zhongying Jie. The eight-person bunks are a bit cramped, but the doubles are bright and comfortable. Basic English.

  • Lodging in Heng Shan

    Auspicious Margin Hotel

    Opposite the bus station, this simple place has a slightly bizarre name and a variety of room choices, all with air-con, TV, bathroom and wi-fi.