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$111.75 Cultural & Theme Tours

Birdwatching and cultural heritage tour from Varna

This one day guided tour will take you to the west of Varna, to explore a region with exceptional natural beauty, which is at the same time very rich in archaeological and historical monuments, testifying to the cultural heritage of these lands throughout the ages. We will pick you up from your accommodation/hotel in Varna at 8 AM. In about an hour drive we will reach our first destination, the Madara Archaeological Reserve, featuring a rock relief sculpture from the dawn of the Bulgarian state back in the 8th century. Because of its uniqueness the Madara Horseman relief is included in the list of the UNESCO world cultural heritage sites.Having spent about an hour at Madara, we will continue our trip to the town of Shumen. There we’ll visit the Shumen fortress located on a high plateau 2 km from the town and dated as far back as the Troyan war (about 13 c BC). Shumen Fortress (the Old Town) is the most significant historical and archaeological site on the territory of the nature park. It is a sophisticated complex of residential, religious, and fortification buildings. Today Shumen Fortress is a well-researched, preserved, and partially restored historical and archaeological reserve.The plateau itself was declared a nature park in 1980 with the aim of preserving its valuable flora and fauna species, its tableland landscape and its tourist spots and places for rest. Shumen Plateau Park abounds in unique natural formations such as attractive surface and underground karst caves. There are also ponors, sinkholes, picturesque valley formations shaped as small canyons and inaccessible rock rims, etc.We’ll have, of course, a walk in the old part of the town, where we’ll have our lunch. On our back way to Varna, we will visit the Ovech fortress – another picturesque site with a stone stronghold located east of the town of Provadia. Depending on the preferences of the group, we may visit also The Saltworks of Provadia – an ancient town believed by archaeologists to be the oldest town in Europe. It has been the site of a salt production facility approximately six millennia ago.

$649.34 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Hot-air balloon trip above Shumen

The flight tour will be 1 hour. The balloon leader will give you information about the places that you flight over during the tour. Price includes: Duration of the hot-air balloon flight; Hot-air balloon leader. Price doesn't include: Transfer and accommodation. The town of Shumen is the center of the district and has a population of 87 000 inhabitants. It lies at a distance of 360 km northeast of Sofia. It is located at the southeastern foot of Shumen Plateau at an altitude of 200 m. The town is a crossroad of major roads connecting Danube and Eastern Stara Planina with the Black Sea. Life has existed in the town of Shumen for more than 3 200 years.