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Day 1 : IN THE GULF OF GUINEA Upon arrival at the Airport, you will be assisted with your baggage and transferred to your hotel. Day 2 :   TOGO | LOME CITY TOUR Our journey will start with a city tour in Lome, the vibrant capital of Togo, and the only African city having been colonized by Germans, British and French. It is also one of few capital cities in the world which sits on the border with another nation (Ghana). Day 3 :      TOGO  |   FOREST A local entomologist will explain to us the butterflies and insects native to this forest. He will also initiate us into the art of painting with natural colours. Day 4 :  TOGO  | TRADITIONAL CHIEFS Geological empirical knowledge and magical beliefs blend together in this archaic way to make iron, turning this process into an almost alchemical experience. Day 5 :    TOGO  |  CLAY CASTLES A track across the Atakora Mountains is the access to the mystical and ever-resourceful Tamberma people. For self-defence reasons, these people have been taking refuge for centuries in the heart of the Atakora, Day 6 :      BENIN  | FIRE DANCE In the heart of the village, a great fire lights up the faces of the dancers who start moving on the frenetic rhythm of the drums. The fire dancers, in a state of trance, throw themselves into the embers, grab them with their hands and put them in their mouths; they even run them over their bodies without showing any trace of injury or any sign of pain. Day 7  : THE MOUNTAIN OF THE « FETISH PRIESTS » The Fulani are mainly shepherds, and are famous for their beauty. Beautiful tattoos on their faces send messages to people who understand the language. Their beautiful slender bodies and eyes are proportional to their slowness. Day 8  :  BENIN  |  ROYAL PALACE In Abomey, visit of the Royal Palace of Abomey which walls are decorated with the symbols representing the former kings of the Dahomey Kingdom. The Palace is now a Museum where are preserved the mortal remains of the past kings as well as a temple built with a mixture of clay, gold dust and human blood. Day 9 :  BENIN | VILLAGE ON STILTS They do everything aboard their pirogues; they go fishing, they move around, they display the goods to sell on the floating market… always singing in rhythm with the movements of the poles… Day 10 :   WILD BEACHES A nice day cruise aboard a pirogue along the Mono River to discover small villages where women still extract salt using ancient techniques.In one of these villages we will attend a Zangbeto dancing performance. Day 11  AT THE HEART OF THE VOODOO LANDS! All along the Coasts of Togo and Benin, voodoo is a religion that has been passed on by the ancestors and is still fervently practiced today. Voodoo is a religion passed on by the ancestors and still enthusiastically practiced today. Drive back to Accra for departure!

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