Salban Vihara


This ruined 170-sq-m monastery has 115 cells for monks, facing a temple in the centre of the courtyard. The royal copper plates of Deva kings and a terracotta seal bearing a royal inscription found here indicate that the monastery was built by Sri Bhava Deva in the first half of the 8th century. The entire basement wall was heavily embellished with decorative elements such as terracotta plaques and ornamental bricks.

To get here, take a shared auto from Kandirpar Circle to Kotbari (Tk 40), a small village just across the Dhaka–Chittagong Hwy and a couple of kilometres from the ruins. Then either walk or take another shared auto (Tk 10) the rest of the way. Your best bet for shared autos is the road leading south off Kandirpar Circle, as that’s the way they go to Kotbari. A private CNG will cost around Tk 150 each way.