Must see attractions in Burgenland

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    Schloss Esterházy

    Schloss Esterházy, a giant, ochre castle-palace that dominates Esterházyplatz, is by far Eisenstadt’s most compelling attraction. Dating from the 14th…

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    Burg Forchtenstein

    Straddling a dolomite spur some 20km southwest of Eisenstadt, Burg Forchtenstein is one of Burgenland’s most imposing castles with a grand view from its…

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    Burg Lockenhaus

    Lockenhaus is famous for its castle, or more accurately, for its former resident Elizabeth Bäthory. Better known as the ‘Blood Countess’, she has gone…

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    Österreichisches Jüdisches Museum

    Situated in the former Judengasse – a street where Eisenstadt’s Jewish population lived in the Middle Ages – this museum has a permanent exhibition…

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    This unusual, lumpy church, its exterior bedecked in life-size disco-dancing angels and saints, contains the white-marble tomb with Haydn’s remains. It…

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    Burg Güssing

    The arresting Burg Güssing rises dramatically over the river and town. The castle, which is a mix of ruins and ongoing renovations, contains plenty of…

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    A pleasant detour can be had at this museum, 5km west of Güssing, exploring the 30-odd buildings and their traditional furniture and fittings, thatched…

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    This small museum in the town centre concentrates its displays on the gemstone serpentine and its local mining (it was first mined in the town in the mid…

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    Katholische Kirche

    The church’s tower is a good vantage point for observing storks' nests and the priest doesn't seem to mind. It’s located at the eastern end of…

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    At the opposite end of Rathausplatz from the Katholische Kirche, this is the oldest church for miles around, built between the 12th and 16th centuries.

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    Europäisches Hundemuseum

    The Europäisches Hundemuseum is Europe's only museum dedicated to our four-legged friends. The oddball collection of dog paraphernalia includes paintings,…

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    Situated in a house dating from the early 18th century, this museum dedicated to Haydn was where the great composer lived from 1766 to 1778. Probably one…

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    The Landesmuseum plunges you deep into the local history of the region, seemingly all at once, including a collection of Roman mosaics, ancient artefacts,…