Must see attractions in Dalarna

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    Falu Gruva

    Falun’s kopparbergs gruva was the world’s most important copper mine by the 17th century. Called 'Sweden's treasure chest', it drove the small country's…

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    Carl Larsson-gården

    Don’t miss Sweden's 'most famous home', located 13km northeast of Falun in the picturesque village of Sundborn. After their deaths, the early-20th-century…

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    Orsa Rovdjurspark

    Fat-bottomed roly-poly bear cubs are the star attraction at the largest predator park in Europe, some 16km north of Orsa. Even if there are no cubs around…

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    Munthe’s Hildasholm

    Built by Axel Munthe (1857–1949), who served as the Swedish royal physician and wrote the best-selling memoir The Story of San Michele, this sumptuously…

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    The Zorn family house, Zorngården, is an excellent example of a wealthy artist’s residence and reflects Anders Zorn’s National Romantic aspirations (check…

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    Långfjällets Natureservat

    Occupying a whopping 664-sq-km, this vast nature reserve is most commonly approached from Grövelsjön and is a haven for birdlife and all manner of Nordic…

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    Mine Museum

    The Falu Gruva mine museum, just behind the ticket-sales building at the entrance to the mining complex, contains everything you could possibly want to…

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    Dalarnas Museum

    Dalarnas Museum is a super introduction to Swedish folk art, music and costumes. It's kid-friendly, too, with the opposite of the usual 'Do not touch'…

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    Even if you have no interest in skiing, you may be pleasantly surprised by the excellent Vasaloppsmuseet, which really communicates the passion behind the…

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    Lugnets Skidmuseum

    For something completely different, ride the funicular and elevator to this thoroughly original panoramic museum atop the iconic ski-jump tower looming…

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    Naturum Dalarna

    This visitor centre and nature park, 16km northwest of Leksand, has information about the meteor that hit several million years ago and local flora and…

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    Rättviks Gammelgård

    You can get your open-air-museum fix at Rättviks gammelgård, 500m north of the kyrka – it’s a collection of buildings that were moved here during the…

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    Japanska Parken

    In recognition of the town's sister-city-hood with Tobetsu, Japan, you'll find this lovely (and authentic) Japanese garden by the shores of Lake Siljan…

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    Stora Kopparbergs Kyrka

    Falun’s oldest building is Stora Kopparbergs Kyrka, dating from the late 14th century, with brick vaulting and folk-art flowers running round the walls.

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    Scandinavia’s longest wooden pier, the impressive 628m Långbryggan, runs out into the lake from just behind the train station.

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    Kristine Kyrka

    A sea of baroque blue and gold hits you at Kristine Kyrka (built 1642–55), which shows off the riches brought to town by the 17th-century copper trade. In…

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    Zornmuseet displays many of the best-loved portraits and characteristic nudes of Mora painter Anders Zorn (1860–1920), one of Sweden’s most renowned…

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    Gravfälten på Sollerön

    Head to Sollerö Hembygdsgård for a map and local knowledge on how best to explore this fragile, historical site featuring a 3km walking trail among…

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    Vidablick Utsiktstorn

    An enterprising 17-year-old built Vidablick Utsiktstorn, a viewing tower about 5km southeast of town, from where there are great panoramas of the lake. On…

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    Leksands Kyrka

    Leksands Kyrka, with its distinctive onion dome, dates from the early 13th century but has been extensively renovated and enlarged. The church contains…