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St Vincent is SVG's largest island and the hub through which most travelers will pass on their visit to the country. Though not uninspiring, the allure of the Grenadines pulls most visitors away from here quickly.The island is somewhat undeveloped compared to its neighbors – there are no functioning traffic lights on the whole island. The beaches are on the average side and the frenetic pace of Kingstown and its... Read More

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$79 Day Trips & Excursions

Avila and Salamanca Guided Day Tour from Madrid

Enjoy the scenery as you travel to two of Spain’s most beautiful cities, Avila and Salamanca.Along the way, hear how UNESCO-listed Avila is one of Spain’s best-preserved medieval cities and still girded by its original walls. Discover why it’s known as the City of Stones and Saints, and on approach, admire the walls with their crenelated towers and gates.On arrival, explore some of Avila’s attractions with your guide, including the fortress-like cathedral, the Shrine to St Vincent at the Basilica of St Vincent, and the well-preserved walls.Drive to Salamanca as your guide sheds light on this UNESCO World Heritage site city, best known for its 12th-century university and glorious medieval and baroque architecture.Enter the historical center and ogle the sandstone-built Plaza Mayor, regarded as Spain’s most beautiful grand square. Admire the Old and New Cathedrals; see the exquisitely carved façade of the entrance to Salamanca University, and then capture the splendid city views from Salamanca’s partly restored, arched Roman Bridge.Afterward, enjoy free time for lunch (own expense) and to explore independently before your return to Madrid. Your tour then ends back in Madrid.

$87 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Barbados Dinner Cruise and Show

Arrive at the dock after hotel pickup and be greeted by a spectacular pirate show, including fire eating, limbo dancing and stilt walkers. You’ll be highly entertained by thematic characters in costume like the Town Crier and Mother Sally during this interactive performance — even before your boat sets sail!Then climb aboard the Jolly Roger to continue the theatrical extravaganza with your captain and pirate crew. Enjoy Caribbean island appetizers like jerk pork from Jamaica, bol jol from St Vincent, pelouri balls from Trinidad, and fish cakes and breadfruit chips from Barbados. Your buffet dinner also includes a choice of barbecue steak, grilled tuna or baked chicken, along with unlimited drinks from the open bar. Departing from the capital city, your boat travels alongside the outside wall of Bridgetown Harbour, then sails along the picturesque west coast of Barbados to Payne’s Bay.

$85 Outdoor Activities

Owia Salt Pond Day Tour

Many compare this salt pond to an outdoor aquarium. Reef fish often make their way into the pond, and there are even formations of coral that may grow here. The small fishing village of Owia is close by and is the home of the Black Caribs, one of the two groups of indigenous people on St Vincent. Reaching the Owia Salt Pond involves going down a long flight of wooden steps after parking in the lot at the top of the cliff. The Owia Salt Pond has been used for therapeutic purposes in the past, and bathing is still allowed in the pond today. Enjoy this 5 hour, small group tour in St Vincent.

$89 Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: The Best of St Vincent and the Grenadines

Following pickup at the port, board a comfortable vehicle and set off to the island's West Coast. As you drive, watch the tropical island scenery out the windows including charming fishing villages, leafy tropical vegetation and coconut and banana plantations. Upon arrival in the leeward end of the island, admire the island's most famous landmark, the majestic La Soufriere Volcano Mountains, looming above over 4,000 feet above sea level, all formed by volcanic activity. Visit the 250 year old botanical garden and move on to Fort Charlotte, from the 1800's. Have a look at the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set. Enjoy munching on fresh local fruit and enjoy a tropical drink. Walk along the plantation's trails to see the farming and harvesting work in action. At the conclusion of your 5.5 hour excursion in St Vincent, enjoy drop-off back at the cruise port. Your timely return to Kingstown is ensured.