Welcome to Los Llanillos & Sabinosa

In Los Llanillos, take the turn-off for Charco Azul, a pristine natural cove with calm pools for swimming and hardly another soul in sight.

The highway grows steeper and curvier as it leads to Sabinosa, Spain’s westernmost town. This remote little village feels as though it’s at the end of the world, which in fact, until Columbus found some place called America, people thought it was. There is not much here to see, but the scenery nearby is breathtaking.

If you take the coastal highway, you’ll quickly reach the famed Pozo de la Salud (Well of Health). You can walk down to the small pozo, with its waters said to cure a variety of ills, but it’s generally closed up. If you fancy taking the waters (including salt baths), check out the adjacent Hotel Balneario Pozo de la Salud.

Just west of the pozo, down the HI-500, is Playa de las Arenas Blancas. Take a short road down to the coast, where indeed there are a few whitish grains of sand. They quickly melt into volcanic rock at the water’s edge, though. Despite this slight abuse of the term white, it is still a fantastic spot – wild and beautiful and almost certain to be deserted. Be careful of dangerous currents if you take to the waters. There’s a very simple and well-marked hour-long coastal walk starting from this beach and leading into La Dehesa area.

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