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Costa Tropical Road Trip

Picture the nicest isolated beaches that are in the south of Spain, virgin places where the directions are only shared by locals, add the structure of a city, so you can find whatever you need, and consider that you don’t even have to have spent the last 20 years living in the coast in order to discover the secret paths to enjoy it, because you are gonna be with the very best guides, inside of a climatized vehicle. That’s the idea of the tropical coast road trip.We will find several villages as Almuñecar, Salobreña and Herradura. This is part of Granada’s segment of the coast, that due to geophysical circumstances has a microclimate that averages 18C during Winter time and 25C Summer time, like this justifying the name of Tropical Coast. We’ll visit this villages and their secrets, and ride through the most beautiful beaches in the country, nicely exploring the area, it’s culture, fauna and flora. Also visit the villages of Nerja and Frigiliana.Come with us and Take a closer look at the Mediterranean Sea where Some of the most ancient human civilisations were made around, and you will see that its context shows way much more than just a natural beauty, but also a sense that this scenario provided ages of trades, colonizations, wars, and basic life culture like fishing and traveling, shaping the characteristics of many communities, connecting the most important peoples of all time until nowadays.Get ready for your tropical satisfaction expedition!