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BillyGoatGarage off road training KTM motorcycle

GOALExperience the possibilities that one of the most technologically advanced maxitrails on the market (the KTM 1090 Adventure R) has to offer On Road and Off-Road - and discover and use official world Raid navigation instruments while enjoying thrilling landscapes and delicious food in Almeria.TRAININGBillyGoatGarage® training is led by Jordi Arcarons, one of the great experts in the Raid world, with whom we will encompass various subjects such as:Trail Initiation.Pilotage techniques.GPS and Road Book navigation (The official Dakar instrumentation).Practical mechanics.FRIDAY 12.00 pm. Arrival and check-in to BillyGoatGarage® boutique hotel.Transfer from Almería Airport is also available from 6.00 pm (check conditions).8.30 pm. Welcome briefing from BillyGoatGarage® technical staff.The team will provide you with information for the weekend lessons and routes.9.00 pm. Dinner in the BillyGoatGarage® boutique hotel restaurant, with all participants.Our goal is to create the best environment inside and outside the Trail activities. SATURDAY8:00 am. Breakfast in the BillyGoatGarage®boutique hotel restaurant in Rodalquilar.9:00 am. Start of the motorcycle training course. After Breakfast, we will prepare the gear and start the course.1.30 pm. Route on Cabo de Gata and other areas of Almería in the afternoon. (Lunch on route (not included))Time to recover and rest a bit.4:00 pm. Guided route. Time to put everything we have learned into practice. Riding and navigation techniques with official Dakar instruments. 200 Km route approximately, combining mountain roads, highways and back roads.7.00 pm. Resting and wrapping up the day. After an intense day, we return to the Hotel to rest.9.00 pm. Dinner in the BillyGoatGarage® boutique hotel restaurant.It’s time to chat, discuss our achievements and relax while having dinner. It is also possible to enjoy our swimming pool and bar.SUNDAY08:00 am. Breakfast in the BillyGoatGarage®boutique hotel restaurant.10:00 am. Start of the guided route. After breakfast we will begin our second journey where we will continue to put into practice what we learned; navigation techniques, more curves, more roads and more curves2:00 pm. It is time to return to our base and recover energy. A good way to wrap up an; excellent weekend full of emotions. Lunch (not included) It is possible to have it at the hotel restaurant or in the Cabo de Gata area)4:00 pm. Parting. End the weekend with all your objectives accomplished.