Must-see attractions in Seoul

  • Fifty Fifty

    A decent art gallery with a fantastic space for its regularly rotating art shows by emerging local artists.

  • Cheongwadae

    Security is so tight around the Blue House (so called because of its blue tiled roof) at the base of Bukaksan that even innocently walking past the…

  • Gwanghuimun

    The 'southeast gate' of Seoul's fortress wall, Gwanghuimun is far smaller and more modest than Heunginjimun. It was rebuilt in 1976.

  • Heunghwamun

    The impressive entrance gate to Gyeonghuigung has toured around Seoul, and was moved to its present site in 1988.

  • Kyobo Tower

    The hulking 26-level brick edifice of Kyobo Tower (2003), designed by Mario Botta, is meant to be reminiscent of the bulkiness of Egypt's Sphynx.

  • Seoul Museum

    The spacious modern galleries here have a variety of shows through the year. The highlight, though, is Seokpajeong, the elegant remains of a 19th-century…