MMCA Seoul

Museum in Gwanghwamun & Jongno-gu

Combining architectural elements from several centuries of Seoul's history, this branch of the city's premier contemporary-art museum is an impressive melding of spacious gallery buildings with the art deco buildings of the former Defense Security Command compound. The MMCA tries to stay contemporary, with new modes of presenting pieces in a space that includes a gallery theatre and multipurpose hall.

In a garden to the rear of the main gallery buildings you'll find Jongchinbu, the office of royal genealogy during the Joseon dynasty, restored to its original site after a spell spent up the road next to Jeongdok Library. This traditional structure is a nice contrast to Park Ki Won's Flash Wall, a set of wire-wool candy-floss gateways also in the garden.

A free shuttle bus runs four times a day between the other branches of the MCCA in Gwacheon and Deoksugung.