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1-day Oedo & Geojedo Island Tour from Busan Including Ferry and Windy Hill

[08:00~10:00] Busan station(Pick-up)- Busan station > Windy Hill- You need to arrive at the station at least 20 mins before departure.[10:00~11:00] Windy Hill- It is a sightseeing spot where you can take the best photo, with an exotic windmill, the blue sea and the fishing village of Geoje making a stunning background, and it is one of the eight scenic views of Geojedo.- It is especially famous for being the filming spot of many popular K-dramas and K-movies, such as 'Eve's Garden' and 'Carousel'. [11:00~12:00] Hakdong Mongdol BeachIt is not a sandy beach, but a distinctive beach with the roundish 'Mongdol' having a similar color to black pearls. It is famous for being the world's largest breeding ground for fairy pittas.[12:30~13:30] LunchYour local professional guide will give you personalized suggestions on-site, based on your preferences and dietary requirements. [13:30~14:00] Gujora Ferry Terminal- In order to get access to Oedo Island, both a separate ferry ticket and an admission ticket for Oedo must be purchased at the ticket office for 32,000 won per adult.- Make sure to bring your identification card (passport), since ID needs to be shown before boarding the ferry.[14:00~16:30] Oedo Island- It is called the 'Island of Fantasy' in Korea, and has become famous as the last filming location of the K-drama 'Winter Sonata’, and it has attracted 20 million tourists so far.- You can enjoy not only Oedo for one and a half hours, but also the Haegeumgang River for 30 minutes on the return ferry. That's killing two birds with one stone.[17:00~18:00] Geoje Prison Camp- It is a historical place where North Korean and Chinese POWs captured by the United Nations and ROK troops were incarcerated during the Korean War.- Currently, it operates various exhibitions, a historical VR experience hall, and a monorail. It has become a historic tourist attraction. Admission fee is 7,000 won for adults.[18:00~20:00] Busan station(Sending)- Geoje Prison Camp > Busan station