Southwestern Slovenia

Slovenia’s astonishing diversity comes to the fore in this region. By travelling short distances, you can traipse through remarkable Unesco-recognised caves that yawn open to reveal karstic treasures, go bear-watching in dense green forests, or admire the Venetian history and architectural legacy of photogenic seaside towns.

Continue the winning mix of history-meets-scenery: view dancing white Lipizzaner horses at the estate that first bred them in the late 16th century, then inspect the marvellous detail of the 15th-century Dance of Death fresco at remote Hrastovlje. Visit the historic salt pans of Sečovlje, then enjoy a salt scrub at the stylish open-air day spa in their midst.

Flavours are equally diverse and delectable. Lunch on pršut (dry-cured ham) accompanied by ruby-red teran wine for the definitive taste of the Karst, or dine on seafood washed down with local malvazija wine on the coast – best savoured with a sunset view of the Adriatic.

Explore Southwestern Slovenia