Must see attractions in Orkney & Shetland

  • S

    Two miles south of Kirkwall's centre, on the shores of Scapa Flow, this is one of two Orcadian whisky distilleries and, though less famous than Highland…

  • M
    Mine Howe

    On a farm at Tankerness, the mysterious Iron Age site of Mine Howe is an eerie underground chamber, about 1.5m in diameter and 4m high. Its function is…

  • M
    Muness Castle

    This picturesque, sturdy 16th-century tower house in Unst's southeastern corner was built by Laurence Bruce, foud (bailiff) of Shetland, who was, by all…

  • L
    Longhope Lifeboat Museum

    At the southern end of Hoy, Longhope’s former lifeboat launching station holds a small lifeboat museum, centred around one of the old boats itself, the…

  • F
    Fort Charlotte

    Built in 1781, this fort occupies the site of an earlier fortification built in 1665 to protect the harbour from the Dutch navy. The five-sided fortress…

  • H
    Hermaness Visitor Centre

    For tips on wildlife-watching, duck into the Hermaness Visitor Centre, near the entrance to the Hermaness National Nature Reserve. You can also learn the…

  • S
    Shetland Distillery Company

    This small producer distils the Shetland Reel gin that you see around the place. Its version infused with local seaweed is well worth a try. Their plan is…

  • S
    Skidbladner Longship

    Unst has the highest concentration of Viking longhouse sites in the country. The Viking Unst project manages three excavation sites, and has as its…

  • W
    Waulkmill Bay

    If it’s sunny and you’re thinking about a picnic, head to Waulkmill Bay, between Kirkwall and Orphir. The huge sandy beach is perfect for strolling and…

  • B
    Bressay Heritage Centre

    The Bressay Heritage Centre is by the ferry dock and has an exhibition on Bressay life and history, as well as information about the mysterious Bronze Age…

  • B
    Burroughston Broch

    About 4 miles from the Shapinsay pier, at the far northeastern corner of the island, is Iron Age Burroughston Broch, one of the best-preserved brochs …

  • O
    Orkney Wireless Museum

    This curious little museum is jam-packed with old radios and war memorabilia. Mostly local in character, it's an impressive collection.