Must see attractions in Manila

  • P

    Philippine Kim Luan Temple

    Standing as a beacon of serenity among its bawdy surrounds, this Taoist temple is both peaceful and beautiful, and worth popping into for a look.

  • S

    Seng Guan Buddhist Temple

    The smell of incense wafts out of the large Seng Guan Buddhist Temple, the centre of Manila’s Buddhist community. It's just north of Chinatown in the hard…

  • C

    Chess Plaza

    A shady spot in Rizal Park where regulars test each other and look for new blood with shouts to visitors of ‘Hey Joe, do you play chess?’.

  • N

    Ninoy Aquino Statue

    This is a famous Ninoy Aquino statue that shows him right before he was shot. It’s built on the spot where many pro-democracy rallies took place in the…

  • M

    Monument to Boy Scouts

    A rotunda memorial at the busy intersection of T Morato and Timog Ave, which commemorates the 24 boy scouts who died in a plane crash in 1963.

  • B

    Baluarte de San Diego

    Fortified bastion shaped like an ace of spades dating back to 1586, making it one of the oldest stone fortifications in Intramuros.

  • P

    Pineapple Lab

    A gallery and creative events space in Makati. Soon to relocate to upper Burgos St.

  • P

    Plaza Miranda

    Plaza Miranda has some history. This is where the common folk came to watch beauty contests, political rallies, and various events and festivities, until…

  • L

    Lapu-Lapu Statue

    In the centre of Teodoro Valencia Circle in Rizal Park stands a triumphant Lapu Lapu, the 16th-century national hero famous for slaying the Portuguese…

  • R

    Revellin del Parian

    This triangular defensive fortification was built to help protect Intramuros after a Chinese uprising in 1603. Parian were the ghetto-like districts where…

  • F

    Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch

    Ornate arch marking the entrance to Chinatown when coming over the Jones Bridge. Do not confuse it with the gargantuan new (2015) Chinatown Arch, which is…

  • Q

    Quirino Grandstand

    This is where Philippine presidents take their oath of office and deliver their first address to the nation. It's at the western end of Rizal Park.

  • M

    Manila Orchidarium

    Offering a sanctuary from the mayhem of downtown Manila, the flower-filled Manila Orchidarium is a relaxing spot, with orchids growing among water…

  • B

    Baluarte de Dilao

    Stone defensive bulwark that was part of the original fortification of Intramuros. It dates back to 1592 and is named after the Japanese enclave it faced…

  • P

    Puerta del Postigo

    This gate to the walled city of Intramuros, built in 1662, led to the palaces of the Spanish governor general. José Rizal passed through here on the way…

  • P

    Puerta Real

    This gate to the old walled city of Intramuros was built in 1663 for the exclusive use of the Spanish governor general during important state functions.

  • R

    Reducto de San Pedro

    The Spanish built this pentagonal stone redoubt outside the walls of Intramuros, and used it to store ammunition.