Welcome to Yarinacocha

The lakeside village, Puerto Callao, is a welcome relief from the chaos of downtown Pucallpa. It’s still pretty ramshackle, though, with only a dirt road skirting the busy waterfront. Buzzards amble among pedestrians, and peki-pekis (canoes powered by a two-stroke motorcycle engine with a long propeller shaft) come and go to their various destinations all day. Travelers stop by, too, to check out either the wildlife or the ayahuasca (derivative of a hallucinogenic jungle vine) ceremonies for which Yarinacocha area is known.

In Puerto Callao you’ll find limited accommodations, as well as the Central Amazon's best food. Hire boats here to further explore the lake, too. Overall, it is worth spending a couple of days hereabouts.

Top experiences in Yarinacocha