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Although a modern road winds up through two tunnels from the valley floor, the old mail road (Stalheimskleiva) climbs up at an astonishing 18% gradient. As tour buses, improbably, use this road, it's one way only: you can drive down it, but not up.

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$210.11 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Private Tour to Sognefjord, Gudvangen, and Flåm from Bergen

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Bergen, Hordaland, Western NorwayEnjoy convenient pickup from your Bergen hotel at 8:30 a.m. Meet your dedicated tour guide and feel free to share any interests or preferences; your itinerary is flexible and this private tour ensures personalized attention. Hit the E16 road in your private vehicle, traveling by the famous Dale of Norway sweater factory in the village of Dale, then through the town of Voss. Make a brief stop at the Tvindefossen waterfall for photos, take a deep breath of mountain air to smell the clean, pristine waters. Continue your trip to the Stalheim Hotel to visit its well-known terrace, which opens up to fantastic views over the Nærøydalen Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Back in your vehicle, descend the dramatically steep Stalheimskleiva Road to the valley's floor, where you will visit the ancient village of Gudvangen. Depart from Gudvangen on a cruise (additional cost) to Flåm, exploring the area around the Aulandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Choose between an RIB, a motor yacht and a passenger ferry for your cruise. Upon arrival at Flåm, enjoy lunch in a local restaurant (own expense), then enjoy free time to browse the souvenir shops, the museum of Flåmsbana railway or the local microbrewery at your leisure. After lunch, get back in the car and head towards the scenic Stegastein viewing point, a 30-meter long platform hanging over Aurlandsfjord at 650 meters above sea level. The narrow road and the viewing point will give you some breathtaking pictures and vivid emotions. Board the Flåmsbana railway from Flåm to the mountain railway station Myrdal, located 2,844 feet (867m) above sea level. During the scenic journey, have your camera ready for views of canyons, mountainsides and waterfalls. Make a brief stop at the gushing Kjøsfossen waterfall. Change trains at Myrdal to head back to Voss; upon arrival you can tour a medieval church dating from 1277 and an 11th-century stone cross. Lastly, take the 1.5-hour return journey by car to your hotel in Bergen to conclude your tour.Stop At: Voss, Western NorwayVossChurchDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Tvindefossen, Voss Municipality, Hordaland, Western NorwayStop for pictures and sightseeingDuration: 15 minutesStop At: StalheimskleivaTour down Europes steepest road with fall 1 meter every 5 meter of road.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Gudvangen FjordtellArrive at Gudvangen Wharf to enter a FjordcruiseDuration: 15 minutesStop At: Flåm RailwayArrive at Flåm an do the optional Flåmsbana railwayDuration: 15 minutesPass By: Evanger stationPass by while returning to Bergen

$214.52 Private & Custom Tours

Gudvangen, Stegastein, and Flåmsbana Private Tour from Bergen

Departure 1 - 0715 from Bergen City CentreAfter your pick-up at your Bergen hotel, your dedicated guide will take you out on the the road. You head out towards the village of Dale where the internationally known knitwear from Dale of Norway is produced. Along the way you see mountains "growing out of the Fjords" and small farms scattered in the landscape you pass through. In the picturesque city of Voss you will board the train towards Myrdal, where you change trains at the staggering elevation of 867 meters a.s.l.Here you board the famous Flåmsbana Railway. A railway that took 21 years to complete, much due to the fact that 18 of the 20 tunnels was hand driven (built by hand). And due to the great difference in elevation between the top of the mountain and the fjord, -the only way it could be built was with horseshoe bends to rapidly lower altitude at a pace where the brakes can withstand the weight of the train. Ever since it's opening in 1941 it has been one of Norway's main attractions. Today it transports more than one million passengers who seeks it from all over the world.Well down in Flåm you will be able to enjoy tourist attractions and not to mention enjoying hand brewed beers from the local brewery. Handcrafted and well tasting together with a lunch at one of the restaurants you find in this swarming village in the deepest end of the Aurlandsfjord. You have about two hours of freetime before your guide will meet you again.At approx 13.10 you depart in your guides vehicle to Stegastein Viewpoint. A view platform that springs 30 metres out from the mountainside above Aurland and where you have a clear view of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage area.Further on you set course for Gudvangen and the Nærøyfjords deepest end. From here you make your way up the Nærøy valley to the top of Stalheim, where you drive down Europe's steepest car road. 14 hairpin turns make it possible to descend down in the valley. Som places it descends with as much as one meter every 5 meter of road. It is truly a thrill - and be warned: Your guide will make it even a bit more of a thrill for you ;-)At the Tvindefossen waterfall you are able to walk all the way into the waterfall itself. And take a close look at another of Norway's spectacular nature phenomenons. Thousands of gallons of water cascading down above you. And so clean that you can just take a sip of it or fill your water bottles for free.Back at Voss you will again get back on the train that will take you directly to Bergen Train station where you are back in the city for a refresh at your hotel, before it is time for dinner at the restaurant of your choices at about 20.00 (8 pm.)NOTE: Departure 2 @ 10.30 uses the route in reverse order. Please read important section before booking. Tickets for trains is own expense and not included in Viator price.

$123.95 Cultural & Theme Tours

Budget tour to Sognefjord via Voss, Gudvangen & Flåm

This tour lets you visit and see these places: • Bergen City centre • Evanger village • Voss city with its picturesque church from 1277 • Tvindefossen spectacular waterfall • Gudvangen Viking site • Bakka historic village in the UNESCO site • Flåm village (2,5 hours self exploration and lunch break) • The Flåm Black Church (next to the Flåmsbana train) • Return to Bergen at 1500 hrs in time for dinner Your driver will meet you and your group up at the Mount Fløien Funicular station in the morning, or you can upgrade with a additional hotel pickup. You head out on the E16 with your dedicated driver and drive the scenic road towards the small village of Voss. On your way you are able to soak into the views of the fjords and mountains as you pass small farms, rivers and emerald green agricultural areas.At the small village of Evanger you will have a 10 minute break to see how the locals live around the Vosso river delta before you continue further on to Voss. At Voss you will be able to walk from the Knute Rockne memorial statue to the Church that takes you back to medieval times as it dates back to 1277. Enjoy a unique stonechurch that blends the local building traditions with the engineering achievements of ancient english monks.Next stop is the magnificent Tvindefossen waterfall that plunges down from the mountain above. Stroll around in the park, and also have the ability to make a comfort stop while here before you continue to the Stalheim serpentine road. This is nothing but Europe's steepest road and falls as much as 1 meter every 5.At the small village of Bakka you can see the deepest end of the Nærøyfjord with your own eyes, and see how this small but yet magnificent place is situated between the amazing mountains climbing up behind it. Enjoy a walk along the shore and see the many boats on the fjords as they pass for that awesome Kodak moment before continuing to Flåm.Flåm holds all a explorer can wish for and here you are able to explore local shops or enjoy the Flåmsbana Railway museum. You will have 2,5 hours of time to eat and enjoy the Flåm experience before you are able to visit the Flåm Black Church. After the final stop you are returning to Bergen and arriving back just in time for a late dinner. The tour end at your pick up point.This tour requires a minimum of 3 travelers. If less than 3 you are able to also buy the last seat to access this highly discounted price. Enjoy a tour that blends the low fare economy and the spectacular views without the normal hassle of joining a large buss tour.

$209.57 Private & Custom Tours

VIKINGS! - Private daytrip in the footsteps of Ragnar Lodbrok

After your pick-up at your local Bergen hotel, your dedicated guide will do his/hers utmost to find out about your preferences for a good day on the road. You head out on the road towards the city of Voss and the wonders of the scenic route and landscape you drive through. You will stop at the beautiful Tvindefossen waterfall for those awsome pictures. And will of course be delighted to find that you can instantly share your journey with your friends via the built-in Hot-Spot (internet) in the guides vehicle.After Voss you make your way towards the Stalheim area, and all of a sudden the views of the Næroy Valley unveils as you take the steepest road in Europe down the Stalheimskleiva. Here you will be able to walk down and you simply must bring your camera. This is some of the most stunning scenery in the world and you will understand why it was chosen by UNESCO for the World Heritage List.Back in the car at the bottom of the Stalheimskleiva, you are able to visit Njardarheim Viking Camp where you can see the reality of the history that unveiled in the deepest end of the Nærøyfjord. (own expense - not included in trip)In Flaam you are able to enjoy about an hour of lunch - and you are free to choose from any of the restaurants you might like. You guide is always unbiased - and will only make recommendations if you ask. For those historically interested, you will also be able to enjoy a lunch dating back to Ragnars time - handpicked from local farms.  After your lunch you will visit the viewpoint and platform at Stegastein, where the fjords unveil in all its drama. You are brought from the fjord to almost 2300 feet (700 metres) - where the Norwegian engineers have built a unique wooden platform out from the cliffs. The architecture is a stunning and bold contribution to the landscape you are in.Back at Flaam you are able to take one of the world's most beautiful train rides with the Flaamsbana Railway. (Own expense - not included) from the fjord to the highest peaks of the summits. Flaamsbana is widely recognized for its one of a kind experiences as it climbs from sea level to 3000 feet above sea level. At Myrdal station you will change train and your guide will be at the station in Voss to pick you up. Just outside the station you will find the Knut Rockne Memorial Statue - as Voss is his Norwegian origin. Also - fill up your water bottles with that VOSS water - absolutely free of charge while you are here.From Voss - you will head back to Bergen - and your guide will let you off at your hotel just in time for a evening dinner. Please note - your guide are born and bread Norwegians. To ensure the highest standards you will never have a foreign low cost guide when traveling with us. Also your guides are 100% unbiased in their recommendations. None of the guides have cashbacks or bonuses from any of the businesses along the route.

$1415.33 Kid Friendly

PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR: World Heritage Fjord Landscape tour from Flåm, 4 hours

09:00-09:30 Starting out from port in Flåm, where you private driver-guide meets you and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy cruise ship destination. First, going by car via Gudvangen to the Stalheim hotel. 09:30-10:00 Arriving at the Stalheim hotel, and visiting the terrace for a stunning view of the Nærøydalen valley (the UNESCO World Heritage list) and descending to the valley on the unique Stalheimskleiva road – hairpin turns and mesmerising views of two waterfalls on both side of the road. 10:00-10:30 At the bottom of the road you are accompanied by your guide on a short walking tour to one of the waterfalls – the Stalheimsfossen. 10:30-11:00 After breathing in the freshness of the waterfall, your next stop is in the ancient Viking village of Gudvangen, where the spectacular Nærøyfjord begins (also in the UNESCO World Heritage list). You can choose to extend your stop in Gudvangen by visiting the Viking town of Njardarheimr, where you can meet the real modern day Vikings and learn about their history and culture. The visit is optional and the entrance fee is not included in the price (adults: 21 EUR / 25 USD, children: 10.5 EUR / 12.5 USD). 11:00-11:30 From Gudvangen your guide drives your to the Stegastein viewpoint at 2130 feet (650 m) above sea level, from where you can marvel at the view of the Aurlandsfjord. 11:30-12:00 A short stop at the Stegastein viewpoint to enjoy the view and take some pictures. 12:00-12:15 Driving down from Stegastein to Aurland – local administrative center. 12:15-13:15 Visit to the Aurland Glass workshop: an excursion to a local glassblower’s work place and a chance to blow your own glass ball. This visit is optional and the entrance fee is not included in the price. The workshop is open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm.  13:15-13:30 Driving back to Flåm, where the tour ends. Duration of the whole tour: approximately 4,5 hours. You may choose to either visit the Viking town or the Aurland Glass workshop, or none of the two – and have more time to soak up the wonderful nature of the western fjords. Season: 18.05. – 30.09. Car on this tour is one of our Mercedes minivans. When only 1-3 people are going on this tour, we may use our Tesla Model X. All of our cars have Passenger Transport Licence.