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Colourful Cartoon Network cruises are launching for big kids and small

If your children are fans of Cartoon Network characters or you’re just a big kid at heart, a new cruise ship set to come on stream in late 2018 may be right up your street. Called Cartoon Network Wave, the ship will make its maiden voyage from its home port of Singapore later this year, and will sail to 13 destinations in the Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Japan.

Artist impression of the new themed cruise ship, Cartoon Network Wave. Image: Oceanic Group

With the ocean as a backdrop, the 2000-guest ship will be one vast haven for cartoon-loving travellers. The theming and entire onboard experience is inspired by Cartoon Network’s universe of well-loved characters from iconic shows, including Adventure Time, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears.

Artist impression of the Rope Adventure Park on board the Cartoon Network Wave. Image: Oceanic Group

This includes a variety of diverse entertainment, activity and recreation features, as well as retail and food and beverage options. The ship’s 800 cabins and 11 guest decks will be inspired by the shows, and the themed nights will include circus events and parties with the Powerpuff Girls.

Artist impression of Cartoon Network Wave, which will launch this year. Image: Oceanic Group

While there are many existing projects by Turner, the global media giant behind Cartoon Network, including branded restaurants, theme parks, waterparks, planes and trains, this is the first time that a cruise liner has undergone a full Cartoon Network transformation. This fully-branded ship is the result of a partnership between Turner and Asia-Pacific cruise management company, Oceanic Group.

Artist impression of the Toonix Pool on board the Cartoon Network Wave. Image: Oceanic Group

“Turner is always looking at new ways to bring our characters to life, and Cartoon Network Wave will be their home on the high seas,” says Ricky Ow, president of Turner Asia Pacific. “The ship has remarkable potential to offer our existing fans a truly unique immersive experience, as well as create new ones. We couldn’t be more excited by the partnership with Oceanic Group in jointly creating a world first.”

Cartoon Network Wave will be docked at the Singapore Cruise Centre and dates and itineraries for its routes around Asia Pacific will be announced in the coming months. Current plans include three-day, five-day and seven-day cruises, with the longest cruise travelling to four destinations around the region. Please note that all images of the ship accompanying this article are artist impressions only and are subject to change without prior notice.

Artist impression of Cartoon Network Wave. Image: Oceanic Group

Further details can be found on the Cartoon Network Wave website here.