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Nordic countries top the list of safest countries to visit in the world

According to a recent interactive travel map that has been produced, Nordic countries head the list of the safest countries to visit in the world. International SOS and Control Risks published the map, called Travel Risk Map 2018, which helps people and businesses to better understand the risks in the markets where they travel and operate.

Norway Hardangerfjord in winter. Image: Travfi/Shutterstock

The map charts threat levels across the globe in three categories – medical, security and road safety, ranking regions as insignificant, low, medium, high or extreme. According to its conclusions, the top five safest countries in Europe are 1. Norway 2. Finland 3. Denmark 4. Iceland 5. Switzerland. These countries presented low levels of concern in the security category, taking into account the current threats posed by political violence, social unrest and crime, making them desirable destinations for travellers.

An interactive travel map has been produced that shows the safest countries in the world. Image by www.internationalsos.com

Much of Europe was given a low risk rating, as was Canada, the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, while Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine were among those given a medium rating. Areas of Turkey were given a high rating and eastern Ukraine was deemed extreme, because of the ongoing conflict there. If you’re planning on taking a road trip, Scandinavian countries also do well in the road safety category. Much of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia are deemed by the report to be high or very high risk around road traffic accidents.

Helsinki in Finland. Finland is deemed to be the second-safest country on Travel Risk Map 2018. Image: ©Sergey Oslopov

The countries deemed to be in the low risk category for health include Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the US and much of Europe. For further information and to check out the interactive map, see Travel Risk Map 2018,