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Which winter destinations are racking up the most Instagram posts?

Instagram is where more and more travellers are getting their travel inspiration, so if you’re wondering where to head this winter, start scrolling through those hashtags.

Interlaken, Switzerland. Image by Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography/Getty Images

Nearly 3.5 million people in the UK will head overseas over Christmas and the New Year, many in search of the joys of cold-weather destinations. To help figure out where to go, Focus Clinics has created a list of the most popular winter spots in the world, based on Instagram posts. The company looked at a list of some of the most popular winter travel destinations, then analysed which ones getting the most posts based on hashtags.

The most popular spot on the list is Bern, the Swiss capital famous for its beautiful Old Town. The hashtag #Bern was used more than one million times overall, showing that many people are stopping there for a winter break. The popular ski holiday destination of Aspen, Colorado, was close behind with more than 930,000 mentions.

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Overall, the third most popular winter attraction according to Focus Clinics is checking out the Northern Lights in Norway. The aurora is a huge attraction around the northern hemisphere. The top 10 destinations are rounded out by #Chamonix in France, #YosemiteNationalPark in California, #Zermatt in Switzerland, #YellowstoneNationalPark, #Bled in Slovenia, #CeskyKrumlov in the Czech Republic, and #Grindelwald in Switzerland.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Switzerland has three destinations in the top 10, as it provides the perfect place to ski and an amazing backdrop for all those Instagram images. Also popular are US nature destinations, with Aspen, and Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks making the list.