Top ChoiceBurgers in Nador

Bulls Burger House

Somehow, one of the best burgers in Morocco has popped up here. Unbelievably soft buns hug perfectly spiced patties dripping with delicious sauces, and it all comes with garlic fries and homemade lemonade on the...

Seafood in Nador

Restaurant Marhaba

Open since 1975, Marhaba is a local classic and one of the smartest restaurants in town, specialising in fish (done well). The main room is very large, but there’s a cosier terrace at the back with fishing nets...

Cafe in Nador

Café Pizzeria Antalya

A good option at any time of day is Antalaya, a two-pronged cafe and restaurant that serves pizza, paninis, shawarma and ice cream on one end (Antalaya II) and a smoky cafe with different kinds of breakfasts...