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When the Almoravids conquered the city in 1058, one of Aghmat’s leading citizens was killed in the fray, leaving his brilliant, wealthy widow Zeinab En Nafzawiyyat free to marry Almoravid leader Abu Bakr. When Abu Bakr was recalled to the Sahara to settle disputes, he divorced Zeinab so that she could remarry his cousin, Yusuf Bin Tachfin. With Zeinab’s financing and counsel, Tachfin proved unstoppable, founding a new capitol at Marrakesh and expanding the Almoravid empire to the doorstep of Barcelona.

Once Almoravids moved to Marrakesh, Aghmat became a place of exile for political dissidents, including Andalusian poet-king Al Mutamid Ibn Abbad.

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