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The park’s main hub is Ivanova Korita near its centre, where there are a few eateries and accommodation providers and, in winter, a beginners' ski slope.

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The short Montenegrin adventure from Podgorica

1-dayWe start our experience by touring one of the most beautiful bays in Europe – the spectacular Boka-bay. A magnificent combination of history, geography and gastronomy will give you a great day on the coast of Montenegro.We will start the day with the city tour of what is known as the gem of the Boka-bay – Kotor Old Town. With its high fortifying walls and Venetian palaces it will take you back to the medieval period. From Kotor, we will head on to Perast – a small baroque town with its beautiful islands that are two real pearls of the Boka-bay. From Perast a step into the Roman period of time with the visit to the ancient Roman mosaics in the small town of Risan. After this we will have a scenic drive around the Boka-bay, cross through the ferry to the other side and finish the day with a step from completely old time to something completely new. Porto Montenegro Luxury Marina offers a spectacular insight into the developing of Montenegrin tourism industry. Return to hotel.2-dayFor our second day, we will get acquainted with true and old-fashioned Montenegrin history. We will start by visiting the old royal capital of Montenegro – Cetinje. This is the heart and soul of Montenegrin history.From the royal capital of Montenegro, we will head to Lovcen national park and visit one of its two tallest peaks – Jezerski vrh on top of which lies the mausoleum of one of our most beloved rulers and poets. Also, from this peak there is a spectacular view down to the Boka-bay from 1,657 m above sea level. From the mountain, we will head down to the Njegusi villageand taste some of the traditional Montenegrin specialties.After the degustation we will start the drive down the most scenic road in Montenegro – the old Austro-Hungarian road, made in the 19th century.We end the day in Budva – the most popular tourist destination to the day in Montenegro.3-dayFor our last tour-day, we have something a bit more relaxed but still very interesting. We have decided to visit the biggest lake in the Balkans – the Skadar Lake. A national park from 1983 it is also a very important bird reservation so you might be lucky enough to spot its rarest but most beautiful bird – the great white pelican. We will have a boat rideorganized on the lake with servings of some local products such as pastry fritters with cheese and honey and also degustation of some local wine. From the lake we will head towards the eastern part of the Montenegrin coastline.The big powerful Ottoman Empire has left its strong mark on these lands after being the most present influence for over 4 centuries. 

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One-day tour to Kotor and National Park Lovcen in Montenegro

Departure from Dubrovnik is at 08:00. Our driver will drive you along the Konavle valley to the border, and then to old town of Kotor along the bay of Boka Kotorska. If you want to take some coffee, or photos, or something to eat, the driver will stop at your request. Expected arrival at Kotor is around 10:30 and you'll have about 2 hours of your free time. Kotor is town surrounded by city walls that are the third longest in the World. After enjoying in Kotor, and maybe a lunch, we continue towards Lovcen Mountain. Lovcen National Park is located 45 minutes far from Kotor, on the same name mountain, and its highest peak is at 1,749 m above sea level. The area has numerous elements of national construction. The old houses and village "guvna" are authentic as well as the cottages in "katuns", summer settlements of cattlebreeders. At Lovcen you will be able to take bikes and enjoy the ride on the mountain paths. Departure time from Lovcen will be at 18:00 hours, and the expected return to dubrovnik is around 20:30.


Hiking in the Balkans

At the crossroads between East and West, the Balkan Peninsula is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. From the coastal city of Dubrovnik up into the mountains of Montenegro and the highest peak in Bosnia, cross the Balkans on two feet. Surrounded by medieval and modern history among lakes and canyons, this is the ideal setting for some of the best trekking that the Balkans has to offer.

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